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Funny Foolish Jokes and Puns

A Muslim is about to commit suicide when a Catholic priest stops him

"What are you doing?!" Exclaims the priest

"There is nothing on this Earth for me." The Muslim says "I will commit suicide to go to paradise and get 72 virgins!"

The priest shakes his head

"Foolish Muslim, suicide is not the way!" He says

"Follow me, Ill take you to the local primary school."

They told me it was foolish to fill the room with nitrous oxide...

Well, who's laughing now.

A foolish man gives his wife a grand piano...

... A wise man gives his wife an upright organ.

Foolish joke, A foolish man gives his wife a grand piano...

A Rastaman with a bag full of marijuana walks into a bank...

and hands it to a cashier. The angry cashier asks 'Sir, what is this...?' The rasta replies "Wa yah ask foolish question, mi come to open a joint account!!"

A man visits a village

A man visits a village and approaches the town clerk "Have any great men been born in your joke of a town?"

And the clerk responded "well no you foolish man. Only babies have been born in my town."

He who stands with hands in pockets feels foolish

He who stands with holes in pockets feels nuts

Donald Trump was admiring the Sistine chapel

Trump : this is the bestest painting I've ever seen

Docent : yes indeed Mr. President , it was painted by Michaelangelo ..

Trump : I know the fake news media makes me look like an idiot but I'm not foolish to believe that it was painted by a freaking turtle

Foolish joke, Donald Trump was admiring the Sistine chapel

Did you hear what the foolish gardener did?

The guy planted a light bulb and thought he'd get a power plant.

A foolish man complains about his torn pockets

A wise man uses them to scratch his balls.

A few guys grew some weed

A group of friends decided to experiment with growing weed one day. It proved to be a success and they were very proud of their work.

However, one member of the group decided to take all the credit for himself. This was foolish as it was obviously a joint effort...

It's foolish for humans to try and take back the planet of the apes

Since they are incredibly good at gorilla warfare.

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How did the foolish mechanic manage to dent the axle on the 4x4?


Why was Georgie consumed by large debts?

Because he was penny wise, pound foolish

which 2 insects are the most foolish?


Don't be foolish, the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was obviously not an apple.

It was an orange. Haven't you heard of oranginal sin?

Why was the clown broke?

He was Pennywise and pound foolish.

Foolish joke, Why was the clown broke?

Every week I get depressed when I see these men with funny haircuts on the TV making foolish decisions.

It sure is hard to be an Arsenal supporter.

My friend was telling me he thinks it's foolish to put my past girlfriends on the market?

I told him I don't really care what he thinks.

I'm still ex-selling.

My girlfriend says she's breaking up with me because of my excessive video game puns

What a foolish reason to fallout 4

Three guys walk into a bar

Three guys walk into a bar
A mexican
A Jew
and an Irishman
the irishman says something foolish i cant remember!

Which country has the highest number of foolish people?


Stay Hungary, Stay Foolish

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