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Four gents are on the golf course...

... on the second tee box. As gent number one steps up to the tee, a funeral procession drives by. Seeing the procession, he stops what he is doing, folds his hand, and bows his head out of respect. After the procession finishes, the other gents observe that, although it was a nice gesture, it was a little excessive to stop play like that. Gent number one replies "It was the least i could do ... I was married to her for 45 years!"

How are girlfriend like cults?

You have to prove your devotion before you're welcomed into the folds.

A man dies, standing before death. Death tells him that if he can beat him at a game, he can have his life back. The man thinks for a moment, asks for a slip of paper and a pen. He writes on the paper, folds it, and hands it back to death.

"The Game"

Folds joke, A man dies, standing before death. Death tells him that if he can beat him at a game, he can have hi

Another jewish gag

An elderly Jewish man is knocked down by a car and falls onto the pavement and lays there groaning in agony. A young man rushes up to help. He takes off his coat, folds it up into a pillow and as he gently places it under the old mans head he asks "Are you comfortable ?
The old man looks up into the guys kind eyes and says "Eh...I make a living"

Poker is like sex

Not fun to watch if there are a lot of folds

My wife stopped during sex and asked why I was flapping her folds of belly skin together.

I said, "I'm roll playing"

Which piano player is the most predictable poker player?

Ben Folds

Folds joke, Which piano player is the most predictable poker player?

My wife said, "I know I asked to try something different tonight, but why are you flapping my folds of belly flab together?"

"I'm roll playing".

Why is paper bad at poker?

Because no matter what it always folds.

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