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What do you call a Filipino contortionist?

A manila folder!!!

My ex just sent me nudes in a compressed folder

Sigh... *unzips*

How to hide your important files from people without making Hidden folders

1. Go to your Desktop and make a new folder named Internet Explorer
2. Change the folder's icon to Internet Explorer
3. Keep it in your favorite corner of the desktop

Now, no one will open internet explorer!

Folder joke, How to hide your important files from people without making Hidden folders

What do you call a Filipino yoga instructor?

A Manila Folder.

I am in the hospital because my cousin's brother swallowed a 16gb memory card and he is singing all songs in it

Were hoping it doesn't reach video folder...

What's the difference between a folder of an artist work and a diseased strong hold?

One's a portfolio, and the other's fort polio

The jackass

Bob was working with John and Dave. John shouts over to Bob, "Hey Jackass, fill out that paperwork". A bit later, John shouts at Bob again, "Hey Jackass, bring me that file folder". Dave seeing that Bob was down at all the shouting went over to him and said "Why do you let John call you Jackass?". Bob said "He-aww, He-aww, He always calls me that".

Folder joke, The jackass

What do you call a folder on FBI's servers that contains all the intel on known child molesters?

A Pedo File.

What is a dog's favorite email folder?

Scent messages!

There is nothing funny about watching domestic violence

Which is why it goes in the 'Action' folder instead of 'Comedy'

what do you call a contortionist from the Philippines?

a Manilla folder

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My son studies so much

His homework folder is bigger than 4 GB.

My girlfriend Mel just showed me a photo album full of all her self shot images she's taken over the years

She says it's her Melfie folder

Yo mama so fat

1 photo of her takes more space than your "homework folder"

So many hot single Russian women want to marry me

According to my spam folder

What do you call a Filipino man who gets really nervous every time he plays poker?

A Manila folder

Folder joke, What do you call a Filipino man who gets really nervous every time he plays poker?

My mailbox is overflowing, my spam folder and junk folder rival each other in size, and I keep procrastinating on dealing with it...

But one day I'm gonna go clean all that up, you just wait and DNC.

Boris: Lockdown

Me looking at my 1TB folder of TV and movies to pass the time.
It's like... I was made for this.

What's the difference between a folder and an army of anti-vaxxers?

The folder is a portfolio.

TIFU by deleting the folder with my Bitcoin wallet.

Whoops, wrong sub.

What do you call an origami artist from the Philippines?

A Manila folder

Yo mama so stupid

She thinks a manila folder is a Filipino contortionist.

I can't believe how happy and sad Iam, at the same time. Happy- because I won 5 million dollars. Sad- because my best friend was jealous of me and asked me to delete my spam folder.

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