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An RAF vet is giving a talk about the war...

An RAF veteran is giving a talk to a class of school children, and was trying to explain what a typical mission would be like.

"So there I was, escorting the b**... to their target, when out of the blue we were attacked by a bunch of Fokkers. There were about 20 of these Fokkers. One took out my buddy, but I managed to shoot the Fokker down. Then one was on my tail and I coukdn't shake the Fokker, but my pal took care of him. Then I took out two more of the Fokkers..."

The teacher interupts "Children I should explain, the Fokker was a type of figher airplane used by the German Air Force to stop the RAF b**... and their escorts."

"Yes, but these Fokkers were Messerschmitts!"

With the massive downturn in international travel, aircraft manufacturer Fokker has started developing planes for the military. Their latest is a small, super stealthy reconnaissance plane that is almost undetectable!

It's called the Sneaky Little Fokker.

Standing in Schiphol airport, I overheard the two women next to me. One was trying to remember the name of the Dutch company that builds jet planes. I knew the answer and thought....


What do you call a German biplane used to shuttle people to a specialty footrace

Mudder Fokker

An English WW2 pilot was...

...talking in the school about his war experience.
"So I'm flying over German land in my plane. I was alone. Out of the blue, a fokker flanks me on the right. Then, I found a fokker on my left wing too. I was panicking, when suddenly 2 more fokkers appeared and surrounded me..."

By now, the children are giggling, so an embaressed teacher intervenes, "Actually, fokker is the name of a German airplane."

"Yeah", interjected the pilot, "But these fokkers were flying in Dorniers."

Interview with WW2 RAF veteran

I(nterviewer): Welcome to the Show, we're here to interview WW2 RAF veteran Johnson about his experience. Tell me, was flying for the RAF difficult?

J(ohnson): Most certainly. I can remember this time I did a reconnaissance and suddenly there's a German fokker behind me, one fokker in front of me and two fokkers to my right!

I: For our viewers who don't know, Fokker was a Dutch aircraft manufacturer which the Germans confiscated.

J: That might be, but those fokkers where flying Heinkels!

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