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Jared Fogle

Has just guaranteed himself a foot-long everyday in prison for the next five years.

Did you hear about Jared Fogle?

He likes to eat a little *too* fresh.

Jared Fogle Of Subway Started and Ended His Career The Same Way.

Trying to get into smaller pants.

Fogle joke, Jared Fogle Of Subway Started and Ended His Career The Same Way.

Jared Fogle is going to prison.

It looks as if his steady diet of footlongs will continue

Even after 20 years, Jared Fogle is still getting into smaller and smaller jeans.

TIL that there is an exotic instrument only select children can master.

Apparently the Fogle Fiddle has been around since 1977, who knew?

One thing won't change for Jared Fogle while in prison

He will still be eating 6" to 12" daily.

Fogle joke, One thing won't change for Jared Fogle while in prison

Court judge orders Jared Fogle to have one particular Subway sandwich every day for the duration of his sentence.

a 12 inch Black Forest Ham.

Jared Fogle of Subway told his wife she didn't have to worry about the Ashley Madison leaks...

...he was on Club Penguin.

Is Jared Fogle going to jail??

Because I heard he's looking at 8-12 years...

Cosby, Duggar & Fogle babysitting services....

We watch the kids, mom gets some rest.

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Losing weight is so easy now. I'm just chasing the kids around all day

- Jared Fogle

Fun Fact: Jared Fogle was a Mormon

I heard he graduated top of his class at Bring Em Young University

What device did Jared Fogle use to keep track of his exercise progresswhen he lost over 200 pounds on the Subway diet?

A pedometer

Jared Fogle says, "Spell 'Tuna Sub' backwards and that's what I'll do in your kid's face"

What did Jared Fogle say when his wife told him she wanted kids?

*Me too*

Fogle joke, What did Jared Fogle say when his wife told him she wanted kids?

Why did they arrest Jared Fogle at 3:15?

That's when the big hand touches the little hand.

Why did Jared Fogle go to Walmart?

He heard children's pants were half off.


Subway's Jared Fogle sentenced to 15.6 years...

Where his diet will be regulated to just 6 inchers.

Jared Fogle is pleased sentence is under 18 years.

Jared Fogle was given 15 years in prison today...

He was reportedly ok with it, and when reached for comment stated "As long as it's under 18."

Jared Fogle "the subway guy" was upset to be sentenced to 15 and 1/2 years in Prison today...

Funny because 15 1/2 years used to sound pretty good to him.

Jared Fogle gets sentenced 15 1/2 years in prison

At least he'll still be able to enjoy footlongs

Jared Fogle got 15 years

he said he was happy that they kept it under 18 for him.

Did you hear that Jared Fogle got sentenced to 15 and a half years?

But he was happy with it cause it was under 18.

Poor Jared Fogle

The prison Jared Fogle is housed in announced they were serving hot virgin Tom & Jerry's Christmas Day, imagine his disappointment.

Jared Fogle likes his subs the way he likes his women...

6 to 12

What do you call a fight between a Mexican and Jared Fogle?

Alien vs Predator.

How did Jared Fogle lose so much weight?

because he chose from the kids menu

It appears that Jared Fogle has gain 30lbs since going to jail

I guess that's what happens when you stop the child portions

I just read Jared Fogle was assaulted in prison

He was also a-peppered and covered in lettuce. Don't know if the story has any meat to it.

So Jared Fogle was actually reported to have been spotted at a local Macy's.

He heard Boys pant were half off.

Why was Jered Fogle always late?

He kept getting a little behind.

What does going to a yoga class and hiring Jared Fogle as your babysitter have in common?

Either way, something's getting stretched out.

On second thoughts, Jared Fogle and Subway are pretty similar.

I mean, both stick 38 year old meat into 10 year old buns.

Why does Jarod Fogle go to AA meetings in prison?

Because he has to talk to someone that knows the urge of wanting to crack open a tall boy.

On a scale of Andrea Yates to Jared Fogle...

How much do you like kids, on average?

Jared Fogle was sentenced to 16 years in prison

He told the jury that he was happy with anything under 18

Jared Fogle went from having a mild cholestrol problem

To a child molestrol problem

How is the CopiapΓ³ mining accident and the Jared Fogle scandal the same?

In both cases some miners got screwed

I don't know why everyone was surprised that Jared Fogle is a pedophile.

I mean, he was always trying to fit into smaller pants

Did you know that Bill Cosby is going to the same jail that Jared Fogle from Subway is in?

All they serve for food there are foot long puddin pops.

What do YouTubers and Jared Fogle have in common?

They both sell out for subs.

Why does Jared Fogle like all the jokes about him?

Because they are about five years old at this point.

Jared Fogle came in and came out relevance the same way

Trying to get into a smaller pair of pants

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