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I ate an entire young horse.

Now I'm really foal.

Why won't I ever make a water feature on top of a mountain where a lot of baby horses are buried?

My mom taught me to never make fountains out of foal hills

A friend of mine got rushed to hospital because he put a toy pony up his butt

Personally, I pity the foal.

In case you're worried about him - don't, he's in a stable condition

Foal joke, A friend of mine got rushed to hospital because he put a toy pony up his butt

What kind of insurance do you buy for a horse and buggy?

Foal coverage

If a baby horse swears at it's mother,

would this be classed as foal language?

While on duty, a police officer comes across an injured baby horse.

The cause of the injury unknown, but the officer suspects foal play.

Quit horsing around

What did the daddy horse say to the mommy horse after they had their second accidental baby?

Foal me once, shame on you, foal me twice, shame on me.

Foal joke, Quit horsing around

Baby horse

If a baby horse is really conceited, would you say they're foal of themselves?

A baby horse is found injured.

The cause of the injury is unknown, but foal play is suspected.

What do you call a baby horse, wrapped in aluminum, who was stopped from committing his dastardly plan?

A Foiled Foil Foal

A donkey, a calf and a foal walk into a bar...

Its not a joke, it really happened in Melbourne not that long ago

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What is Taco Bell's Favorite R&B song?

"Everybody plays the foal" by the Main Ingredient

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