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Flying Blind

A Frenchman, Englishman, and an American are flying in an airplane on a cloudy, storming night when suddenly the plane is struck by lightning.

The pilot turns to his three passengers and says, "The plane's GPS is broken. I need each of you to stick your hand out the door, feel around, and tell me which city we are flying over judging by what you touch."

The Frenchman goes first. He opens the door, puts his hand outside of the door, and brings it in a minute later. "We're flying over Paris! I could feel the Eiffel Tower!"

The Englishman is next. He sticks his hand outside and draws it back in a minute later. "I just touched Big Ben! We are just over London!"

Finally, it is the American's turn. He shoves his hand outside the plane and brings it back in immediately. "We're flying over Detroit. I know because my watch just got stolen."

Where do flying pigs land?

the airpork!

When flying to Prague...

...all of your bags are Czeched

Flyin joke, When flying to Prague...

Flying carpet

So I was walking by a council flat the other day when I saw this Arab guy shaking a carpet.

I shouted up, "what's wrong Aladdin, won't it start?."

How much do flying broomsticks cost at Hogwarts?

Quid each.

A flying insect exploded in my kitchen

... it must of been a jihaddy longlegs.

Flying illegally in the animal carriage are really comfortable in a way. Bad side? There're no toilet. Good side?

They don't question the smell.

Flyin joke, Flying illegally in the animal carriage are really comfortable in a way. Bad side? There're no toile

What does a flying rabbit has on his back?

An eagle

Flying is like throwing yourself at the ground...

...and miss.

Quote by Douglas Adams.

Why is the Flying Spaghetti Monster made of Pasta?

Because "made of bread" was already taken by Jesus.

The flying V

Why is it when ducks fly in a V one side is longer.
More ducks on that side.

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Why are flying airplanes so hard to see?

Because they are high up in disguise.

Why did the flying saucer record the family?

Privacy is alien to them.

Why are you flying with United Airlines?

Beats me.

Flying cars

They'll never take off.

What are flying carrots most afraid of?


Why is the flying Dutchman called like that?

Because the Dutch are always high

If flying airplanes is wrong...

I don't want to be Wright.

I was flying to America with my best mate

He asked "if the plane tipped upside down, would we fall out?"

I said, "no, we'd still be friends."

I saw a flying pig! He was coughing and sneezing though, so I killed him.

After all, the swine flu!

Why did the flying cows decide to come back to the ground?

The steaks were too high.

Have you ever seen a flying saucer

Guy 1: Hey Fred, have you ever seen a flying saucer?

Guy 2: Not since my wive left me

I'm flying to India to try their famous sandwiches.

Everyone keeps raving about their new deli...

Whoever has been flying that drone over Gatwick sure will be...


Flying lessons

A guy is telling his buddy about his flying lessons and the guy teaching him says he is Eigth degree black belt and a raging homosexual and if I don't succumb to his sexual advances I have to jump out of the plane. Buddy "Well did you jump?" "Yea a little at first"

The flying spaghetti monster never died...

He pastaway.

Flying the Confederate flag doesn't make you a racist.

It's usually the other way around.

How was it like, flying for the first time?

"I think I did quite well. Everybody in the room was clapping", the second mosquito said.

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