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  1. I'm opening a new chimney sweep, soldering supplies, and dessert business. It's called Flue, Flux, Flan.
  2. Two magnetic fields are talking to each other Magnetic field 1: "Aren't you mad that all the coils above you are parallel to your magnetic field?"
    Magnetic Field 2: "Nope...I give zero flux!"
  3. In Electromagnetic theory lecture Prof Bhatt : What is BxA for a thin straight current carrying conductor?
    Me : Wired Flux.
    Bhatt : Ok.
  4. When you try to change the current flowing through a solenoid and it resists Weird flux but OK
  5. I just finished arguing with a friend who thought that Charlize's role as Aeon Flux was much better than her role as Imperator Furiosa. I guess to each Theron.
  6. My friend told me that he could create a biological electric current to run through a capacitor. I said, "weird flux but ok."
  7. My teacher told me a current carrying conductor produces a magmetic field. I disagreed. Teacher said, "I am the teacher."
    I said, "I don't give a flux."
  8. Dave Grohl started welding and making jello recently. He's officially a part of the Foo Flux Flan.
  9. The side effects of flux capacitor radiation include but are not limited to the following Turning into a Teen Wolf

Flux joke, The side effects of flux capacitor radiation include but are not limited to the following

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Flux One Liners

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  1. The pipes that my plumber installed are leaking... Clearly, he didn't give a flux.
  2. To refuel the flux capacitor Why did the DeLorean cross the road?
  3. What did the soldering iron say to the capacitor? Go flux yourself!

Flux joke, What did the soldering iron say to the capacitor?

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I went to the most nonchalent doctor for an MRI scan...

...after all the trouble of going in the machine he randomly decided to cancel the appointment before even turning the machine on.
Zero flux given.

I went to the store to pick up a new capacitor for my broken microwave.

The sales rep. accidentally sold me a flux capacitor instead; and now my microwave turns my chicken sandwiches into egg sandwiches.

Flux joke, My friend told me that he could create a biological electric current to run through a capacitor.

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