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  1. How do parents in Africa celebrate their kid's first birthday? They bring flowers to his grave.
  2. How do Ethiopians celebrate their child's first birthday? By putting flowers on the grave.
  3. How do anti-vaxxers celebrate their kid's sixth birthday? They put flowers on their grave.
  4. What is a customary present for a child's 5th birthday in Ethiopia? A bunch of flowers on their grave
  5. How does a Somali couple celebrate their child's first birthday? by putting flowers on his grave
  6. How do African families celebrate their child's first birthday? By bringing flowers to his grave.
  7. Most women would love to wake up on their birthday to the smell of fresh coffee, a nice breakfast, flowers and o**... But not my Sister.
  8. Most women would be happy to be woken up on their birthday with breakfast in bed, flowers and 20 minutes of great o**... s**...! But Oh no! Not my sister!

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  1. What did the little Ethiopian boy get for his 4th birthday? Flowers.

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A man can't decide what to get his girlfriend, a florist, for her birthday.

He goes all around town in search for a gift when he discovers a lovely garden of flowers. Because his wife loves flowers, he decides to pick out a lovely bouquet of daisies, roses and dandelions. The garden is empty and lifeless when he leaves that day.
When the day of his girlfriend's birthday arrives he gives her the handpicked bouquet of the flowers. The girl blushes and says Oh, thank you honey! These flowers are so pretty! They almost make me forget that someone destroyed my garden!

My wife suggested that it might be nice if I bought her some flowers for her birthday.

For some reason, she wasn't particularly happy when I handed over a bag of wholemeal, a bag of self raising and a bag of gluten free.

For my birthday my grandfather gave me half a penny.

He handed me a penny and told me because it is my birthday I could keep the change.
When he died we were instructed not to throw in flowers because he didn't like them so I threw in a penny and said "Here is the other half of the penny, because it is your f**... keep the change."

A woman is opening presents at her birthday party,

and the first present she picks up is from the local florist, Max. She looks at the box and says, "I bet these are flowers" and Max nods his head. Sure enough, inside the box are flowers.
The second present she picks up is from the local candy shop owner, Molly. She looks at the box and said, "I bet this is candy" and Molly nods her head. Sure enough, inside the box is candy.
The third present she picks up is from the local liquor store owner, Joe. She looks at the box, which is leaking. " I bet this is a bottle of liquor" she says.
"Nope" says Joe.
The woman dabs some of the liquid on her finger and tastes it. "Oh, I know what this is, it's champagne!"
"No" says Joe.
The woman, frustrated, puts the box to her mouth and slurps off as much liquid as she can. "I have no idea. What did you get me, Joe?"
"A puppy."

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