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I pray in front of a pastor every Sunday.

He name is Al, and he comes with corn or flour tortillas.

A little hispanic boy was next to his mother while she was making tortillas...

A little hispanic boy was next to his mother while she was making tortillas. He dumps his face into the flour, ruining it and says to his mother, "Look mom! I'm a white boy!". Shocked the mom spanks that boy and afterwards tells hims "Go show this to your father!" He goes to his father and says "Look dad!, I'm a white boy!" and his father proceeds to s**... him as well and sends him off his grandmother. He goes to his grandmother and says "Look abuela I'm a white boy..." She turned furiously red and berated him. Then she spanked him and said said "Show this to my husband!", not wanting to call him his grandfather. He went to his grandfather and sorrowfully said "Look pampo... I'm ... a white boy." His grandfather didn't just s**... him, he proceeded to beat him. Once he was done, the boy was sent back to his mother.
His mother asked, "What did you learn?"
The boy replied, "I've only been white for an hour, and I learned that I already hate you w**...!"

A Mexican mom and her Mexican child.......

Were in their kitchen making tortillas . Then the the child put flour on his face and said to his mom "look mommy I'm a white boy". She slaps him hard in the face and says "go show your father. He goes and shows him. Then his father slapped him even harder "go show your grandma" said the father. He went and showed his grandma. She slapped him even harder than his father. "Go show your mom she said". So the Mexican child went in the kitchen where his mom was and she said "so want did you learn?" She asked her kid. "Well, I have been white for 5 minutes and I already hate Mexicans."

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