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  1. I started flossing again recently to remove food from between my teeth I never realized just how much blood I was eating
  2. My friends said if you floss you'll be amazed at how much food is stuck between your teeth. I don't remember eating this much blood
  3. What do you call it when you grind your teeth because you are bugged you forgot your dental floss? Flossless compression!
  4. My friend told me the doctor flossed his teeth for him after the prostate exam. Long story short, he really needs to find a new dentist
  5. Chinese people are so smart with their floss. They use it for their teeth and as a blindfold.
  6. Why do tampons have strings? So you can floss your teeth with them after you've used them.

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  1. My dentist tells me to floss my teeth daily. I wish he'd leave me alone.
  2. I don't always take care of my teeth But when I do, they love me despite all my floss
  3. What do British pixies use to clean their teeth? Fairy floss.

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I finally got to go to the dentist for the first time since the pandemic started…

The doctor was shocked at how clean my teeth were but said my breath smelled like s**... and he couldn't figure out why.
He asked if I'd been brushing regularly and I said yes.
He asked if I flossed regularly and I said as much as I normally do.
He asked if I changed my diet and I told him it was the same as it always was.
After sitting there for a moment, he looks at me and asks:
Doctor: Is there anything that's changed?
Me: Well…I did get a bidet and I haven't quite figured out the water pressure.

He was just sitting there, cleaning his teeth

At work today all of a sudden this bell started going off and everyone was panicking because we thought something bad was gonna happen. Well, o**... who had been working there for a while was just sitting around cleaning his teeth, so i asked him what's up and he says, "oh don't worry about that it's a floss alarm".

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