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Simon is in the school play and invites his parents

Now his parents don't think he'll be very good. Halfway through the play a floorboard breaks underneath Simon and he falls through. 'Dont worry' Simon's dad whispers to his wife 'It's just a stage he's going through!'

A nail walks into a bar...

What would you like? The bartender asked.
And so the nail ordered many drinks. After a great many drinks the bartender went to approach the nail again and advice him to go home. To his surprise the nail was nowhere to be seen. Naturally, the bartender leaned over the counter to see the nail buried within the floorboards.
My, what's happened here? The bartender asked.
I'm hammered, the nail replied.

Two Irish men renovating a house

p**... is pulling up the floorboards and placing the nails into two piles.
m**... says "p**..., why are ye puttin the nails in two piles?"
To which p**... replies, "these ones I'm goin tae use again but those other ones are upside down"
m**... then says, "p**... you eedjit, ye can use them for the ceiling!"

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