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A pious priest is taking a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam...

A pious priest is taking a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam when, suddenly, a hole blasts out of the side of the dam and water starts to pour out.

The priest knows that if the reservoir is emptied, the people downstream will be flooded and have to leave their homes.

He turns his attention to God as all good priests do and cries

O God! Dam it!

repost (pretty sure) suspiciously knowledgable wife

wife calls the husband at work. "can you send a mechanic to our house, the carburettor is flooded."

husband is taken aback and becomes suspicious. "how do you know that?" he asks.

"because the car is at the bottom of the pool".

Why are housing prices in Toronto falling?

Because the market got flooded.

Flooded joke, Why are housing prices in Toronto falling?

Today I was on Crimea St

It was flooded.

Katrina Hit me hard, Wrecked my house, threw all of my possessions around and flooded my basement,

But I still think those jeans made her look fat.

wife calls and says "i think the carburetor is flooded"

experienced husband starts from the top. "honey, where is the car?"

"at the bottom of the pool"

The human body is made up of about 60% Water

So I'm not fat, I'm just flooded.

Flooded joke, The human body is made up of about 60% Water

In Australia, there are only three types of weather:

Too hot, too cold, too wet or a combination.

^(alternate: Total Fire Ban, Totally Flooded and Totally not gonna look outside; mate.)

The human body is roughly 60% water.

I'm not fat, I'm flooded...

The Aquatic Research Fish ponds overflowed last night because of heavy Rain.

it flooded the residential area nearby. A man walked into his back yard the next morning and saw his entire basement was filled with water, and hundreds of fish swimming in his pool. He went in his house and called his insurance company. He told the representative what happened. She replied "Sorry, we don't cover acts of Cod."

My wife and I had a huge argument because she accidentally flooded the kitchen

but we've sorted it now. It's all water under the fridge.

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I wanted to buy a house in New Orleans...

But the market was flooded.

House-hunting in Texas is overwhelming...

The market is flooded.

I wanted to make a Houston joke a few days ago...

but i didn't want to be flooded with all the notifications.

Why didn't the Egyptians leave their homes when they got flooded?

They were living in the Nile

I want to make a joke about hurricane Harvey

But I am scared my inbox will be flooded

Flooded joke, I want to make a joke about hurricane Harvey

Teenagers in Houston can look forward to the used car sales in a few months.

The market is going to be flooded.

What happens when an Italian city gets flooded?

It venices.

My Apartment was flooded with water

My fish died

God: Earth is going to be flooded. Someone should build an ark.

Jesus: I Noah guy who can do it

Told my dad that 12 boys from a junior football team are lost in a flooded cave in Thailand.

Dad: He told me they should call a priest.

Me: Dad! They could still be alive.

Dad: Yes I believe that they are still alive as well, just toss a priest in the cave and he'll find those boys real quick.

"The 12 boys stranded in a flooded cave system in Thailand have started diving lessons in the latest step in efforts to bring them out alive."

I think they've hired Naymar.

Why didn't the Egyptions believe their houses got flooded?

They were in da Nile.

I'm moving to North Carolina and I think I'm going to buy a house instead of renting

I hear the market is flooded right now

I saw an old woman on the news who's house was flooded

She was standing there, knee deep in water, crying......and I thought that's not helping


I guess ill take it

you mean you flooded my building with dangerous electromagnetic radiation as a prank?

My Tinder Inbox got flooded with messages from pretty girls after I changed my Profile Pic

Who knew uploading Ted Bundy's Picture as a joke would attract so many girls!

A bunch of soldiers were on their way to our town when suddenly everywhere became flooded.

It was a soon army.

A wife calls her husband in a panic...

Wife: "There's water in the carburetor!"

Husband: "The carburetor? That's ridiculous!"

Wife: "I'm telling you, the carburetor is completely flooded, there's water everywhere!"

Husband: "You don't even know what a carburetor is. Let me come take a look. Where's the car?"

Wife: "In the pool"

An Egyptian farmer refuses to believe his fields had flooded...

He was in De Nile.

I started selling broken taps that wouldn't turn off but gave up after the competition drove down prices.

It was a flooded market.

Did you hear the local concrete plant was flooded last week?

They're having a hard time moving inventory now.

I hear it's a good time to buy real estate in Texas!

The housing market is flooded.

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