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I just bought a rotisserie but I might return it because it's so rude.

It's constantly f**....

I'm returning this rude rotisserie.

It keeps f**....

I hit a Turkey..

and it flew over my car and landed on the car behind me. It was a Cop and he pulled me over and gave me a ticket for flipping him the bird.

What do you call an angry singer flipping someone off?

A song bird.

Me: Want to go bird watching?

Friend: Sure!
Me: *flips both middle fingers in his direction*

Why did the worm learn judo?

So he could flip the bird
Thanks dad

[Long] boudreaux and thibodeaux were a pair of good old country boys.

Boudreaux grew up to be a baptist pastor and thibodeaux became a catholic priest. These good friends even had their churches right across the street from each other.
Well one day boudreaux was putting a sign in his church yard and that thibodeaux was putting up the exact same one. The both said "Turn now or perish."
Right then then a car drove by and the driver flipped them both the bird and yelled "Get a life you freaks." Followed by a big splash off water.
Boudreaux looks up and says "Hey Thibodeaux ya think we should change the sign to bridge out."

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