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Funny Flipflops Jokes and Puns

While sitting on the couch my wife said "I feel like putting on a pair of flip-flops."

Then she changed the channel to the presidential debate.

What is Hillary Clintons favorite type of footwear?


Flip-flops are okay

But shoes help out in the long run

Flipflops joke, Flip-flops are okay

Why can't cows wear flip-flops?

Because they lac-tose!

I was walking around Taiwan...

I was walking around Taiwan and bought some flip-flops for my feet. I said, I wonder where these were made.

I looked under the bottom, it said, Just around the corner.

I was just on my way down to the beach, and my wife asked me if I'd seen her flip-flops.

I hate it when she goes topless.

What footwear is indecisive?


Flipflops joke, What footwear is indecisive?

My cat should run for President.

When she gets excited she flip-flops all over the place.

Hillary Clinton flip-flops

Hillary Clinton: Bill people are constantly accusing me of changing my positions
Bill Clinton: Don't worry about them honey, that's why I married you

What do a centipede during summer and a block of RAM have in common?

Many flip-flops.

Wearing socks with sandals or flip-flops

Doing this is like a man getting a blow job from another man: It may feel good, but look down and you realize just how gay it is.

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What did the pair of flip-flops say to the approaching man with disgusting feet?


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