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Photons hit you at over 300,000,000,00 m/s, and yet you don't even flinch.

It must be because they're so light.

Photons from a rainbow hit you at almost 300 million m/s and you don't even flinch

I guess they are pretty light

Your girlfriend's so ugly

She made Stevie Wonder flinch

Friend: Why do you flinch when I try to high-five you?

Me: Sorry, I'm Asian; it's a conditioned response.

Janitor in the church

The church janitor is cleaning the large overhead ducts from the inside when he notices a nun praying by herself and decides to have some fun. With the echo and a booming voice he proclaims "your prayers will answered", but the nun doesnt even flinch. He tries again "my child, your sins are forgiven", and again no response from the nun. Thinking she might be deaf, he tries one last time "I Jesus will lead you to salvation", upon which the nun firmly responds "shut up, I'm talking to your mother"

Ordinary Differential Humor

A bunch of continuous functions were hanging out at a bar, having a few drinks and having fun. The door swings opened and the differential operator walked in. All the functions started scrambling and ran out the door except one lonely function.
The differential operator ran up to him and yelled "I differentiate you!!" The function looked at him then started drinking again. The differential operator yelled again "I differentiate you!!" But the function didn't even flinch a muscle. He just sat there happily. Then even again and even louder the differential operator screamed "I differentiate you!!!!!" This time the function looked up at him and said "you can differentiate me all you like. I'm e^x "

A hunter visited a doctor who was about to give him a spinal tap...

Doctor says "Well this might hurt, I just want you do know." The hunter goes "don't worry doc, I've only been in pain twice in my life, this will be nothing."
So the doctor performs the spinal tap and sure enough, the hunter didn't flinch a muscle. Curious about the hunters statement, he asks "So, what are the two times you've been in pain"
Hunter says "I was hunting once and had to take a dump. I dropped my trousers and squated, and my n**... triggered a bear trap I didn't see"
Wincing, the doctor asks "And the second?"
Hunter says "When I ran of of chain"

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