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This article looks at the funny side of flightless birds and the ways humans have been compared to them. From the Outback to legends, find out why flightless jokes can be so funny!

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What do you call a 12-sided platonic solid that loosely resembles an extinct flightless bird?

A dododecahedron

Did you hear about that large flightless bird that was excluded from societal norms?

Apparently it was ostrich sized.

Why do Australians laugh at flightless birds?

They find them Emu-sing

Two men were hiking in the Australian Outback.

Two men were hiking in the Australian Outback when an emu walked up to them.
One of the men was thrilled to see an emu so close up. The other man was more hesitant, for he read that emus can be very aggressive and hostile.
The man started to yell at the emu, "Go away, you big, fat, s**..., flightless bird! We don't want you here!"
The other man responded, "Dude, stop ostracizing it."

If you ever feel bad just remember...

Australia lost a war with military equipment to a bunch of flightless birds

What do you call a flightless bird?

Joaquin Phoenix.

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