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Funniest Flex Short Jokes

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  1. I keep a photo of my mother flexing inside the charm of my necklace Because she is a strong, in the pendant woman
  2. My Biggest flex is... I have a pen that can write underwater!
    Them: No you dont, really?
    Me: Yeah! It can write other words also.
  3. Satan was showing a group of people how he flexes one of his muscles. It was a demonsstriation.
  4. Mirror Mirror A man is admiring himself in the mirror. As he flexes and checks himself out he says, An inch more and I'd be king.
    The mirror begins laughing, An inch less and you'd be a queen.
  5. What was the real reason the Titanic broke in two as it sunk into the ocean? TO SHOW YOU THE POWER OF FLEX SEAL, I SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF!!!
  6. I always thought it was interesting how double jointed kids were always really cool in elementary school... I mean weird flex, but ok.
  7. I went up to a couple of girls and started flexing, and they ran away. They must have gone to spread the word.
  8. John Bolton: The troika of tyranny in this Hemisphere – Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua – has finally met its match, Putin: Weird flex, but ok
  9. What does the creator of flex tape like to run in? He runs in flex shoes because they make him go Phil Swift.
  10. Did you hear Phil Swift is getting a divorce? He said To show the power of Flex Tape, I will saw this marriage in half.

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Flex One Liners

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  1. Why did the accordion player join a gym? He wanted to work on his bellow-flex.
  2. Why did the gymnast become a body builder? To increase flex-ability
  3. How is phil swift still alive He wraps his heart with flex tape
  4. Best cure for diarrhea? Flex Tape
  5. What is the key to bragging about time travel? A Flex Capacitor.
  6. Weird flex but not ok. I snore too loud that scares my friends in the car I'm driving.
  7. What do you call a ripped dinosaur? Tyrannosaurus-Flex!
  8. What did the doctor say to the man that came in with a nervous tick Weird flex but okay
  9. At least the strange cable is cold Weird flex but 0K
  10. Kegels... Weird flex but okay.
  11. Admit it, guys Miyamoto only named the series after Zelda to flex on Tolkien's ghost.
  12. Weird flex but ok I'm so smart I'm in AP algebra support
  13. Weirdest Flex Sometimes I pronounce L's just to flex on Asians.
  14. My friend told me he could survive being frozen to -273.15 °C Weird flex but 0K
  15. My friend told me he uses off-brand flex tape Weird flex but ok

Flex Tape Jokes

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  • Why did the gorilla buy flex tape Because it was no nut November but he was out of pastrami fries.
  • How did Jesus walk on water? He just covered his feet with flex tape
  • If RiceGum was an adhesive, what would he be? Flex Tape.
Flex joke, If RiceGum was an adhesive, what would he be?

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I hate it when people subtly flex where they went to college

I have this friend who went to Harvard and he just won't shut tf up about it. He's always been like this, even when we were in college together.

I was quite flexible and fast when I was younger. The kids at school used to call me Spider-Man.

Because my uncle was murdered

Looking for a flexible babysitter.

My girlfriend only does m**....

I went to a flexibility class that teaches you how to go up and down.

It's yoyoga

I used to be flexible back in highschool. In fact all my friends called me Spider-man...

mainly because my uncle was murdered.

What's the most flexible type of music group?

An elastic band.

It's a huge flex to spend a lot on something effectively useless, dirty, loud, and ugly.

It's a thing of beauty to see you have such a strong mutual relationship with your mother.

The material I have bends in a strange way but it should be suitable for the client

Weird flex but okay

I went to see Funkmaster Flex perform last night but he was acting odd so Ice Cube stepped in for him.

Weird Flex but O'Shea.

Samsung Announces a Foldable Phone

weird flex but ok

I'm slightly peturbed by people these days showing off in weird, but understandable ways on social media.

Weird flex, but ok.

My friend just told me that he's been saying Weird flex, but okay for months and it's already old

Weird flex, but okay.


Weird flex but ok.

My wife hates it when I reference memes.

Weird flex but okay.

My opponent in fantasy football is playing Christine Michael a rb/wr

weird flex but ok.

I heard a woman go on and on about how she did not need a man to complete her and she could live her life on her own.

I said, "Weird flex but ok."

Flex joke, I heard a woman go on and on about how she did not need a man to complete her and she could live her

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