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  1. My wife says I have two major flaws One is that I never listen when she talks to me, and two was something else.
  2. The interwiewer asked. What's your biggest flaw? I interfere in others conversations.
    I was talking to him.
  3. A building inspector for an old European town found that all buildings built between 1584 and 1750 had significant structural flaws. Otherwise, if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.
  4. Tongue Twister A flea and a fly flew up in a flue. Said the flea, "Let us fly!" Said the fly, "Let us flee!" So they flew through a flaw in the flue.
  5. I am so perfect... ... I only have four flaws.
    1) I lack humility.
    b) I'm inconsistent.
    Finally, I can't count.
  6. Donald Trump is extremely flawed in every way imaginable, yet he still truly believes he's the best... I can't think of a more perfect representative of the United States of America.
  7. A structural engineer walked into a bar... ...this is when he realised his building design was flawed.
  8. Butting in Me: So Tom what do you think your biggest flaw is?
    Brian: Probably butting into other people's conversations
  9. People ranked their favorite meats...but the survey was flawed and inconsequential. The steaks weren't very high
  10. Job Interview I was at a job interview, and the interviewer asked me 2 questions, what my biggest flaw is, and were I see myself in 5 years.
    I told him that I don't have 2020 vision.
Flaws joke, Job Interview

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  1. Has anyone heard of the disastrous news about the CPU chip flaws? seems like bad intel..
  2. My girlfriend tells me I have two main flaws I don't listen, and something else
  3. I have a superiority complex It's literally my ONLY flaw.
  4. My wife says I only have two flaws I'm bad at listening and something else
  5. What do you call a flawed democracy? An electile dysfunction
  6. Women with flaws are like cancer They tend to grow on you
  7. I've got a really bad habit. It's telling people my flaws.
  8. Bungalows are so close to perfection They only have one flaw
  9. Did you know all castles had 1 major flaw The enemy could get in through the gift shop
  10. I have two major flaws: 1. I'm very redundant
    2. I tend to repeat myself
  11. The biggest flaw with the new Apple iCar Is installing windows.
  12. It's not a flaw to have a husband, but an essential drawback to have a wife.
  13. What is an online strippers biggest flaw? Their a bit Twitchy.
  14. Fallout 76 Fallout 76 is a masterpiece with no flaws whatsoever.
  15. Did you guys hear about Mickey Mouse's fatal flaw with his helicopter design? Disneyland

Flaws joke, Did you guys hear about Mickey Mouse's fatal flaw with his helicopter design?

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Marriage is about accepting each other's flaws. For example, if I f**..., my wife calls me disgusting and hits me.

If my wife farts, she calls me disgusting and hits me.

After multiple rounds of i**..., I admitted all of my flaws and secrets to my SO

They said that was very fourth-coming of me.

So I was trying to convince my friend to try Raisin Bran cereal

He told me there were flaws in my raisining

If a girl has red hair, it makes up for other personality flaws

I call it the Red Head Redemption

Flaws joke, If a girl has red hair, it makes up for other personality flaws

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