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100 flavor jokes and hilarious flavor puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about flavor that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

Laugh at the best jokes about ice cream, La Croix, White Claw, and thermometer flavors. Compare a favorite ice cream to the unusual thermometer flavors, or discover the tongue-tingling joy of a new La Croix flavor. Laugh at the curious flavors of White Claw, and explore the flavor-packed possibilities of ice cream.

Funniest Flavor Short Jokes

Short flavor jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The flavor humour may include short flavour jokes also.

  1. What flavor gum does the President prefer? Governmint
    Ill walk myself to the nearest border
  2. What do you call an overweight average ogre eating beef flavored yogurt? A mediocre meaty ogre eating meaty yogurt.
  3. A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender "Do you have any helicopter flavored chips?" The Bartender says "No, we only have plane"
  4. I'm trying out a new idea for using gum that's lost its flavor. Right now, it's just an ex-spearmint.
  5. An aviation enthusiast enters a bar. He asks, "Do you have any helicopter flavored potato chips?" The bartender laughs and says, "Sorry, we only have plain chips."
  6. Did you guys hear about the ramen noodles without flavor packet? You can't buy them anymore though, they ran out of stock.
  7. What flavor gum does a scientist prefer? Exspearamint.
    inspired by the presidential gum joke.
  8. Food scientists have finally managed to remove the mint flavor from gum The ex-spearmint was a complete success
  9. Jello has created a product that deters insects. It's very effective, but the flavor is OFF-pudding.
  10. A man walks into a convenience store and he asks the clerk, do you have any helicopter flavored chips? The clerk responds, no, we just have plain.

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Flavor One Liners

Which flavor one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with flavor? I can suggest the ones about taste and fragrance.

  1. What can Jello do that you can't? Come in 22 delicious flavors
  2. What is a flat earther's least favorite flavor of gum? Spheremint
  3. Why did the Mexican put hot sauce on his taco? Por flavor
  4. what is an Arabic ruler's favorite flavor of potato chips? Sultan vinegar.
  5. What's Mario's favorite bagel flavor? Ses-a-ME! Mario!
  6. Why isn't pickle-flavored bread a thing? Because no one wants to eat a dill dough.
  7. What is an old person's favorite flavor of gum? Retire-Mint
    ^Thank ^you, ^goodnight
  8. I like creepypasta. My favorite flavor is Fettuccine Afraido.
  9. Why did Hannibal Lecter try DiGiorno's Pizza? He heard it had de*liver*y flavor.
  10. How do you add flavor to your algorithm? Use a Boolean cube.
  11. What is a programmer's favorite artificial meat flavoring? A boolean cube
  12. What's a scientist's favorite gum flavor? .......Ex-*spearmint*.
  13. What is ISIS's favorite candy bar? Allahu Snackbar, it's flavor is explosive.
  14. Why is pickle flavored bread so satisfying? Because it's made with a dill dough.
  15. What flavor of chips do the citizens in the Elder Scrolls like the most? Cyrodiill Pickle

Ice Cream Flavor Jokes

Here is a list of funny ice cream flavor jokes and even better ice cream flavor puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • A grasshopper walks into an ice cream parlor The clerk says "Hey Grasshopper, we have an ice cream flavor named after you!" The Grasshopper says "What? You have a flavor named Kenneth?"
  • I go through condoms like a fat man goes through ice cream! I probably shouldn't have bought the ice cream flavored ones.
  • What flavor ice cream do Jedi like best? Obi-Wan Spumoni
  • What's a sidewalk's favorite ice-cream flavor? Chalk-late
  • [OC] What is a Hobbit's least favorite flavor of ice cream? Rocky road.
    Not even hobbits can endure walking on gravel.
  • What is a liberal's favorite ice cream flavor? Impeaches and cream
  • What's Thor's favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanhalla
  • How do you describe Neapolitan ice cream to someone? Your two favorite flavors plus strawberry
  • What is Bill Cosby's favorite flavor of ice cream? Ten Roofies.
  • Michel J Fox walks into an ice cream parlor. He orders a large cone with two scoops what flavors does he choose? It doesn't matter he's just going to drop it anyway

La Croix Flavor Jokes

Here is a list of funny la croix flavor jokes and even better la croix flavor puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I love the new La Croix flavor Hint of hint of lime
Flavor joke, I love the new La Croix flavor

Flavor joke, I love the new La Croix flavor

Silly Flavor Jokes for a Good Time with Friends

What funny jokes about flavor you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean smell jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make flavor pranks.

Did you hear Ben and j**...'s are naming a flavor in honor of j**... Sandusky?

They are calling it Raspberry Turnover

What flavor was he?

A neutrino walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Can I get you something to drink?" The neutrino replies, "No, I'm just passing through."

A man starts a line of pickled venison ...

...the most popular flavor so far is dill doe.

What's the most popular flavor of condoms purchased by Catholic Priests?


What is Bill Cosby's favourite Jello flavor?


A chicken walks in to a bar...

A chicken walks in to a bar. The bartender says, "What'll be, chicken?"
The chicken says, "I'd like a nice pale ale with some type of a fruit flavor."
The bartender says, "You want the bar across the road."

What did the beef broth say to the chicken broth?

What flavor au jus?

What flavor do termites like best?


What is Oedipus' favorite flavor?


What's a spice with explosive flavor?


People tell me soup is better with flavor cubes.

But I don't put a lot of stock in that.
Because of it, though, I was the victim of a lot of boullion.

Why was the radioactive food going to taste bad?

The meal would fallout of flavor.

What is Lil Jon's favorite flavor of BBQ?

Mesquite squite squite.
...Forgive me I'm freshly smoked.

The reason Trump wants to eliminate the EPA.

He misses the flavor of the lead based paint chips he used to eat as a child.

Ben and j**...'s is coming out with a new flavor with peach and mint.

It's called "Impeachmint"

Why is America the largest importer of coffee?

So they can flavor their milkshakes.

What flavor of coffee is name for Joan of Arc?

French Roast

What's Micheal J. Foxes favorite flavor of ice cream?

It doesn't matter. He's just gonna spill it anyway.

What's the ocean's favorite icecream flavor?


M&M's Came out with a Honey Flavor.

They coated the peanuts in the Peanut M&M's with honey.
They called them "Beez Nuts"

What's the most flavorful musical instrument in Japan?

The frute.

Senator Al Franken introduces a new hoppy flavor of energy drink with a thick foamy head.

However, it seems no one likes Franken's Stein Monster.

Taste of Love

After 10 years of marriage John decides to spice up his s**... life.
He buys various flavored condoms and when he comes home he blindfolds his wife and leads her to the bedroom.
Mary, I want you to go down on me and tell me what flavor c**... I'm wearing!
Wait wait let me put one on first!

I figured out Oreo's™ new mystery cream flavor!


What is a poor man's favorite flavor of ramen?


People always name Jell-o by its color rather than the flavor.

I think that's a little tasteless.

If you eat two bowls of cereal and they taste the same, what flavor is the cereal?

Synonym Toast Crunch

Bean Boozle added a new flavor:

Al Franken's mouth.

What is Malcolm X's favorite Gatorade flavor?


People eating tide pods are so s**...

The cascade pods obviously has a better flavor to it.

The absolute worst flavor mint...

has to be a condiment.

I've never liked the flavor of cranberries..

the bitter taste *lingers* too much.

At the company potluck, my boss asked me what the secret to my great curry was. I decided to tell him.

I curried favor with my curry flavor.

What's a banker's favourite flavor of icecream?


Bert and Ernie are working at Ben and j**...'s when Bert invents a new flavor. He asks, "Ernie, will you name this flavor?"

"Sure, Bert."

Did you hear about the new pickle flavored bread?

So since Pickle flavor is in style now with sonics new pickle juice shake, I think I'm going to launch a line of pickle flavored pastry. I'm going to call it Dilldough.

I can't eat Coleslaw, the flavor is too strong.

I wish they made Coleslaw, but that didn't taste as strong. "Cole's Guidelines and Recommendations" if you will.

I think Kool-aid should make a Jonestown memorial flavor

But it wouldn't be very tasteful

This isn't the flavor that I asked for

I asked for shell-in egg salad!

I finally know why people like eating out MILFs

They got the umami flavor

Soylent Cola, the soda made from grinding up people, is said to not have a set flavor

They say the taste varies from person to person.

What's Robert Kraft's favorite wing flavor?

Dry rub!

What did Captain Flavor Flav yell at sea?


My mom was telling my little brother about the food she ordered....

she said it had a middle eastern flavor to it. I then said said He doesn't even know what that means! To which he replied, Yes I do, it just means there's a bomb in it.

What flavor does anime absolutely hate?

Anything vanilla, apparently

I found out what the devils favorite flavor of candy is.

It's caramhell with a bit of sin a man.

How do scientists determine which flavor of gum people favor the most?

They do an exspearmint.

A boy asked his dad, What's a c**... meant for? The father replied...

Condiments are used to add flavor to certain foods, most commonly hot dogs and burgers.

What's a carpenter's favorite dessert flavor?

Plumb Jamb

A man walks into a bakery on March 14th

He orders some pie, the baker thinks its clever and gets him some pie. The next day the man comes back and says the pie was great and orders a different flavor. He does this every day for 350 days. The baker running out of ideas for flavors sees the man come in on Feb 27th.
He says, man look I'm out of ideas.
Well how about some cake then, asks the man.
Are you sure, no pie?
No sir, today is my cakeday!

Flavor joke, I like creepypasta.

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