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I bought my dog a brand new flatscreen for his birthday today - I even had it engraved!


Saw a black man run down the street with a flatscreen under his arm

At first i thought it was mine,
but then i remembered that mine was chained in my backyard picking cotton

I like my women like my flat-screen TV's....

Turned on and affixed to the wall.

My friend is selling a TV for £50

60inch, 4k flatscreen. The volume b**... broke, but at that price, you can't turn it down.

A guy is selling a TV at a garage sale for 1$

It is a close to new, 50 4K flatscreen, and a woman comes up and asks him What's wrong with this TV, to only be selling it for a dollar?
The man tells her Well, there's nothing wrong with the picture, or anything like that, but the volume is stuck on max, and you can't change it at all. So are you interested in buying it for a dollar?
She says Well, you can't that down .

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