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A man heard a talk show was looking for people with unusual talents

When he showed up to audition for the segment the talk show host asked him what talent he was going to perform. The man explained "I imitate birds." The talk show host laughed, waving him away saying "thousands of people can imitate birds. We want something nobody has ever seen before." The man shrugged, flapped his arms, and flew away.


Timmy the Turtle...

Timmy the turtle climbed the tree with a glint in his and fierce determination. Finally, standing on the edge of a branch, he jumped and flapped his little legs as fiercely as he could. He hit the ground with a sickening thud and laid there for a few moments before heading back to the tree, blood streaming down one eye as he begins climbing again.

Mummy Robin turns to her husband as she looked down...

"Honey, do you think it is time to tell Timmy he is adopted.."



Three patients at a mental hospital met with a therapist for group. The first patient told her "Doc. I'm a bird." So she asked him to fly. He stood on the chair and flapped his arms, but nothing happened. "Need any help?", she asked. The patient said "No. I'm just not feeling it today". So the next patient said, "I'm a robot, Doc". So she asked him "What is the square root of 676"? He thought about it for a while and got visibly stuck. "Need any help?", she asked. He replied "Does not compute". So the third one ripped open his robe and said "I'm a porn actor, Doc."


I once saved a fish from drowning

I once saved a fish from drowning, it must have been really panicked because it flapped about a lot when I put it back on dry land! Anyway it was alright, once it realised it was safe it just lay down and went to sleep.


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