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Funniest Firetruck Short Jokes

Short firetruck jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The firetruck humour may include short fire engine jokes also.

  1. What starts with F, ends in UCK, and usually means a lot of noises and excitement? A firetruck
  2. What starts with F and end in uck? *Firetruck
    What starts with p and ends with "orn"?
  3. What word starts with an 'F' and ends in 'K' that means a lot of heat and excitement? "Firetruck"
  4. Facebook is the second most popular word that starts with "F" and ends with "K" Firetruck is a very popular word!
  5. What starts with "F" and ends with "UCK"?
    "firetruck"! What were you thinking?
    What starts with "P" and ends with "ORN"?
    "popcorn"! What were you thinking?!
  6. What word starts with F, ends with UCK, and people look for it when it gets a little too hot... A firetruck...

    .. You dirty person you... :-)

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Firetruck One Liners

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  1. Q: What starts with F and ends with U-C-K?
    A: Firetruck.
  2. What does an anime firetruck sound like? owo owo owo owo owo owo owo
  3. Which word begins with an "F" - and ends with "U-C-K?" Firetruck.
  4. What do you get when you cross a water buffalo with a firetruck? steamed beef
  5. Why are firetrucks red? It's because they get embarrassed when they bring out the hose
  6. Yo mama is so fat when she wears red they say look a firetruck.
  7. What do you call a Firetruck obsessed with Anime? A wee-woo-aboo
  8. What word starts with F and ends in uck? Firetruck. The answer is Firetruck.
  9. Why is a firetruck red? You'd be red too if you had your hose stretched that far
  10. What stars with F and ends with UCK? Firetruck
  11. What starts with a "F" and ends in a "uck" and is used everyday? Firetruck
  12. What is big and hard and red and has hot sweaty dudes hanging all over it? A firetruck.
  13. What word begins with "F" and ends in "uck" Firetruck
  14. What starts with F and ends with UCK? Firetruck.

Firetruck joke, What starts with F and ends with UCK?

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Firetruck game

Boy: Lets play the firetruck game.
Girl: How do you play?
Boy: I run my fingers up your leg, and you say, "red light" when you want me to stop.
Girl: Okay :)
*Few seconds later*
Boy: Firetrucks don't stop for red lights ;)

A Fireman See's a Little Girl

that has her own homemade firetruck with her dog and a red wagon.He says to the little girl, "That's a nice looking firetruck little missy!" She then says, "Thank You!" He keeps checking it out when he notices that the rope that's tied to the wagon is tied to the dogs t**....He tells the little girl, "Sweetie, I think your firetruck would go a lot faster if the rope was tied to the dogs neck." She replies, "Oh I know that Sir!But then it wouldn't have a siren!"

A little girl lives next to a fire house...

She admires the fire fighters so much she makes her own firetruck. It consists of her wagon, with the team of her cat in front with a string tied to his t**..., and her dog which lacks the testicular string, however has a harness and reins for her to lead him with. The firefighters see it, and have to ask why the string on the cat. She replies "I need a siren too."

Why are firetrucks red?

Why are firetrucks red?
Well because firetrucks have six wheels, six is half a dozen. Usually when someone is using half a dozen and a dozen, they are referring to eggs. Eggs come from chickens, a male chicken is a rooster, roosters are often on steeples, steeples are are tall, like a mast on a ship, ships go on the sea, in the sea there are fish and fish have fins and the Fins fought the Soviets and the soviet flag is red.

A boy was riding his toy firetruck down the street

A passerby saw that the firetruck was being pulled by a dog. The rope used to pull it was tied around the dogs privates, and as a result the boy was being pulled along rather slowly.
The passerby suggested that perhaps the boy would be able to go faster if he tied the rope around the dogs neck.
The boy responded:
"But if I did that, then I wouldn't have a siren."

Do you know why firetrucks are red?

Firetrucks have 4 wheels and carry 8 people.
There are 12 inches in a ruler
Queen Elizabeth is a ruler
There was a ship named Queen Elizabeth
Ships sail on seas
Seas have fish
Fish have fins
People from Finland are Finns
Finland and Russia border each other
Russians are red
Firetrucks are always Russian around

Bedtime joke

One night I tucked my son in bed, and he wanted me to tell him a joke.
Tell you what, let's each try to think up a word that starts with 'F' and ends with 'uck.' His eyes widen to the size of saucers.
Let's see, I continue... I've got 'Firetruck,' what do you got?

Why are Fire Trucks red?

Because they have eight wheels and four people on them, and eight plus four is twelve, and there are 12 inches in a foot, and one foot is a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was also a ship, and the ship sailed the seas, and in the seas are fish, and fish have fins, and the Finns fought the Russians, and the Russians are red, and firetrucks are always russian around.

A boy was riding a toy firetruck across the street, behind pulled very slowly by a rope tied to a dog...

Unfortunately for the dog, the rope was tied around the dog's t**.... I thought I'd give him some advice, so I walked on over.
"Now son, your dog would pull you
much faster if the rope was around his neck."
The little boy looked at me, and replied matter-of-factly, "Yes, but then I wouldn't have a siren!"

Why Are Firetrucks Red?

Firetrucks have 4 wheels and carry 8 men.
4 + 8 = 12
There are 12 inches in a ruler.
Queen Elizabeth was a ruler.
There was once a ship named Elizabeth that sailed the seas.
Fish live in the seas.
Fish have fins.
People from Finland are called Fins.
Finland and Russia had a war a long time ago.
Russia has red on its flag.
And that's why they're red.
Cause they're always *russian* around.

Firetruck joke, What word starts with an 'F' and ends in 'K' that means a lot of heat and excitement?

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