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I get anxious whenever I have to use the default Microsoft web browser

Using Firefox helps take the *Edge* off.

I never understood why people hate Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge so much

I am always able to flawlessly download the Firefox Installer using them.

Internet explorer is the best web browser

For when you need to download Chrome and Firefox.

I love the latest version of Firefox

"Now with 85% more RAM usage!"

Top 5 internet connections of all time:

5) Dialup

4) Dialup

3) Dialup

2) Dialup

1) Dialup

Cause it spit hot Firefox.

Daughter, "Hey dad! How many licks does it take to get to the center of Firefox Quantum?"

Dad, "I don't know yet. It's frozen."

What internet browser do the Chicago Bears use?


Firefox joke, What internet browser do the Chicago Bears use?

The most important browsers are IE and Edge.

You need them to download Chrome and Firefox.

What's the difference between an icicle and Firefox Quantum?

Nothing. They both just hang there, frozen.

Why do tech-savvy Mexicans and Filipinos insist on using Firefox?

They had a terrible experience with Internet *Explorers*.

Internet Explorer

Chrome and Firefox are popular web browsers.
Internet Explorer is the most popular web browser to install Chrome or Firefox with.

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What would happen if Mozilla Firefox changed their name to Mozilla Fireturtle?

We'd get an Internet Bowser.

Whether we prefer Yahoo, or Chrome, or Firefox, and on...

Aren't we all just Internet Explorers?

Why did Firefox Quantum cross the road?

It didn't. It just stood there, frozen.

Firefox Quantum walks into a bar...

...the bartender says, '"What'll you have?" But Firefox Quantum just stood there, frozen.

What freezes more often than a water pipe in a slum apartment in Buffalo during the winter?

Firefox Quantum browser!

Firefox joke, What freezes more often than a water pipe in a slum apartment in Buffalo during the winter?

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