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I saw a woman at the fuel pump spill gasoline on her arm and then light a cigarette.

The police arrested her for waving a firearm.

Why should you always keep a firearm in the small room by your front door?

Foyer protection

What do you call an angry firearm?

A pissed-tol.

Firearm joke, What do you call an angry firearm?

Classified ad

I was reading the paper today and saw a nice firearm at a good price. "French rifle: never been fired, only dropped once."

Why did the cops arrest the man while his hands were burning?

Because he was waving a firearm.

What's the difference between a firearm and a firework?

Well one is banned in many us states for causing deadly injuries...

...and the other is a gun.

Why should you always keep a loaded firearm in the small room by your front door?

Foyer protection.

Firearm joke, Why should you always keep a loaded firearm in the small room by your front door?

A man went to a gas station

To pump up his car, but as he went to do so, the nozzle set his arm on fire. He then got back into his car and headed for the hospital. As he was on the highway, he was waving his burning arm out of the window, but was seen by a cop. The cop then pulled him over and promptly arrested him for possession of a firearm.

Why did the cops arrest the man who set his hand on fire?

Possession of a Firearm.

An old lady was smoking and pumping gas...

Next thing I know, she's running around the parking lot, screaming, with her arm on fire. The cops showed up and arrested her for waving a firearm in public.

Friends do crosswords

Friend 1: emphatic NO, five letters

Friend 2: Never

Friend 1: firearm, three letters

Friend 2: Gun

Friend 1: disgust, three letters

Friend 2: ugh

Friend 1: form of charity, four letters

Friend 2: give

Friend 1: female sheep, three letters

Friend 2: ewe

Friend 1: Pixar movie, two letters

Friend 2: up

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A lady was putting gas in her car today while smoking a cigarette.

Unfortunately, the lady caught her arm of fire. She was frantically moving her flaming arm in the air until a police officer brutally slammed her to the ground and handcuffed her. "Why are you arresting her?" I said. "She was waving a firearm" he responded.

What do you call a firearm that can shoot salt?

A salt rifle.

If an illegal immigrant sets fire to their arm

Is it an illegal firearm?

The Band ACDC was Arrested For Firearm Possession...

They told the officer they only Shoot to Thrill

What's a cats favorite firearm?

A meowser

Firearm joke, What's a cats favorite firearm?

Why did the man go to prison after he was burned?

Because he had a firearm

What firearm does a lawyer prefer?

Appellate gun.

What is a pirates favourite firearm?

The M80.

What do you call an arrogant firearm?


Police arrested me after my sleeve caught fire at my barbecue

Illegal possession of a firearm

What do the US government have in common with firearm fetishists?

They both blow loads on ammunition.

One thing Trump will be bad for is the gun industry.

No one can beat Obama when it comes to pushing firearm sales.

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