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So excited for the season finale of America

I hope there's another season though...

Jon Snows going to feel itchy during the GOT season finale!

What else would you expect with aunts in your pants?

A Mexican magician was finishing up his act...

It was time for his big finale.

"And now, for my final trick, I will make myself disappear on the count of three!"

"Uno! Dos!"


He was gone without a tres.

Finale joke, A Mexican magician was finishing up his act...

What did Donald Trump say on the season finale of Celebrity President?

"Nuclear missiles ... you're fired!"

2020 is starting to feel like...

The game of thrones series finale we deserve

I just watched a reality show about flat earthers trying to find the edge of the world, and was a little disappointed.

The finale wasn't a cliffhanger.

I once went to see a show with a Mexican Magician...

... and for his finale he announced he would make himself disappear on the count of the 3.
He yelled " Uno. Dos...." and then disappeared without a tres....

Finale joke, I once went to see a show with a Mexican Magician...

I've never been a fan of dramas.

But the series finale of America is intense!

Magicians . Z z z

I watched a Spanish magician's act the other day. he was pretty good throughout but the finale was stunning. he stood in the middle of the stage, waved his arms, counted out "uno, dos..." and then vanished without a tres.

There's nothing sexier than a good finale

Many people come to that conclusion

An Englishman, Frenchman, Spaniard, and German

all head down the street when they notice a crowd huddled around a street preformer. His juggling routine is the best the town has ever seen.

Before he begins his grand finale, he notices the stragglers in the back and asks "does everybody have a good view?"


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The importance to great sex is a big build up followed by a crashing finale.

But unfortunately we got kicked out of the theatre

Game of thrones finale joke. Spoiler.

Poor Jon snow. But it must have been a nice watch.

The Walking Dead Season Finale

Check back in six months for the punchline.

What did you think of the Game of Thrones season finale?

I thought it was auntie-climactic.

If the US elections were a series, what would be the title of it's latest season finale?

Orange is the new black.

Finale joke, If the US elections were a series, what would be the title of it's latest season finale?

NBC is developing a reality show where flat earthers try to travel to the edge of the world.

The finale isn't a cliffhanger.

Excited for the finale of "In the closet"?

Everyone's waiting eagerly for it to come out, but some of us know how it ends.

I can't wait for the season finale of...


Dont forget to watch the season finale in November....

The season finale of America comes out in November!!

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