Fillings Jokes

What are some Fillings jokes?

I have sensitive teeth...

And I'm afraid I'll say something that will hurt their fillings.

Be kind to your dentists

They have fillings too

My dentist hit me in the mouth...

...he really hurt my fillings.

How do you know if your teeth are sensitive?

When you hurt their fillings

I got punched in the face the other day

It really hurt my fillings.

Life pro tip: always be nice to pies.

You don't want to hurt their fillings.

Police baffed by grave robber

Local police were having a hard time catching a grave robber. He figured he would minimize his time in the graveyard by taking the whole corpse so he could take fillings out at his leisure. To hide the evidence he was adopting out the skeletons to worthy goths on Craig's List.

Turns out that was a dead give away.

Got rejected by my dentist during a check up.

My fillings were hurt.

What do tooth fillings and people have in common?

Whites are more expensive.

I baked a doglike bun for my girlfriend. She really wanted to know what kind of dog it was and if it had any fillings. I said:

"It's purebred bagel."

What song did Drake make after going to the dentist to fix a cavity?

In My Fillings.

I'm really starting to regret dating a dentist...

she's always asking me to talk about about my fillings.

why do sandwich fillings look weird ?

Cos they're in bread

Why was the fat man angry after going to the dentist?

Because they didn't give him enough fillings.

Why doesn't anyone like jelly donuts?

They have fillings too...

As a kid, I was always scared of the dentist.

He was a pedophile. You wouldn't believe the fillings he gave me.

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