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Funniest Field Corn Short Jokes

Short field corn jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The field corn humour may include short corn field jokes also.

  1. A cob of corn finishes his service in the army and retires as a Colonel in good standing among his field
  2. A corn farmer asked his field "are you listening?" To which the field responded "I'm all ears"
  3. What do you call a corn farmer who wakes up one morning to find that complex branching pathways have been cut into his field? amaized.
  4. Did you hear about the Russian plane that had to land in the middle of a corn crop? Don't worry, that pilot is the best in the field.
  5. Did you know some farmers employ horses to watch over their fields? Its hay per view corn.
  6. I find that corn fields are the best places to vent your frustrations... ...because they're all ears.
  7. Two corny jokes Why did the farmer standing in the field call 911?
    He thought he was being stalked.
    Why did the corn go to the doctor?
    It had an ear infection.
  8. What did the unicorn say to the other unicorn? We have been out here in the fields for so long that I can't believe we made it to university corn!
  9. Driving past a corn field I planted and told my wife how great it feels to see the fruits of my labor She paused for a few seconds before replying, "(OP), those are vegetables, d**...."

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Field Corn One Liners

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  1. What the corniest part of a corn field? The corner.
  2. Did you hear about the lieutenant that had to watch a corn field? He's a colonel now
  3. I got lost in a corn field. It was quite a maize.
  4. Hey girl, do you live in a corn field? Because I'm stalking you.
  5. You know why corn fields are the best to tell dad jokes to? Cause they're all ears.
  6. The corn industry has been doing well these past few years. It's a growing field.
  7. Wanna know what's really corny? A field of corn.
  8. Why did the farmer talk to his corn field? Because they were all ears.
  9. Why was the corn farmer paranoid? Because the field has ears.
  10. Why did the corn maze go back to school? It was tired of working in a dead end field.
  11. Why can't you tell secrets in a corn field? Because, corn has ears!
  12. I've decided I really dont like driving through corn fields at night They're very eerie.
  13. I saw a guy cut a curvy path through a corn field... It was a-ma(i)zing.

Field Corn Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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Two high school graduates are discussing their future college plans. The first says "I'm planning on going into farming, it's what my father did and it makes good money." The second asks "What type of farming? Wheat, corn, livestock?"

"I don't know man, there are so many fields to choose from."

The horse joke - translated

From Bosnia (with love)
A horse walks through a corn field and smokes a cigarette. A cigarette falls and lights a field. The corn starts to pop, and the popcorn is now all over the field.
The horse thinks it is snowing and freezes.

Cor fed devil

Man sees a corn field and decides to try and walk to the middle of it. The man reaches the middle and sees the devil himself. The man asks what are you doing here? well I have a challenge for you and if you get it wrong your soul is forfeit, the devil said. The man of course agrees and the devil said. I know every inch of the universe and I know everything that produces air. I can make anything do anything be anything now name something I can't do the man took a minute to think and said get lost

2 Blondes drive past corn field

They see another blonde, in the middle of the field in a row boat, rowing away.
"It's blondes like that that give the rest of us a bad name!" one complains to the other. "Yeah! If I could swim, I'd teach her a lesson!" replied the other

My dad and I were in a field husking corn

Years ago we were out in the cornfield. Then I start complaining about somebody for a bit.
My dad: you know you shouldn't say those things about them in this field
Me: why?
My dad: there's a lot of ears out here

The Blonde in the Boat

A blonde was driving down a country road when she spotted another blonde sitting in a row boat in the middle of a corn field. Being miffed by the ridiculousness of this situation, she pulled her car over and proceeded to yell at the other blonde, You know, it's blondes like you that give blondes like me a bad name! If I could swim, I would come out there and beat you!

Jo, a farmer is one day working in his field.

He is hoeing the ground when suddenly he comes upon a ancient oil lamp. He picks it up and a Genie comes out. The Genie says: "You may wish 3 wishes, but whatever you wish, your worst enemie gets it double."
Jo is happy as can be and wishes for a million dollars. He gets it, but his enemie gets 2 million dollars. Then, he wishes for 2 square miles of the best corn in the world. He gets it, but his enemie gets 4 square miles.
Then, Jo begins to think about what he wants next, because he just gave his enemie alot of good stuff. After a while the Genie asks for the last wish. Jo says: "Just beat me half to death."