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I told my son he couldn't get a fidget spinner because his dad and I have tried so hard to make sure he didn't become autistic...

Unfortunately he died of measles a couple days ago

Did you hear about the new Swastika Fidget spinners?

They really help you concentrate!

Fidget spinners are useless

Says the generation that bought 1.5 million pet rocks.

A man walks into a bar with a fidget spinner...

The man asks the bartender:
Sir, is it okay for me to use my fidget spinner here?

Sir, it's 2017, you can be gay anywhere.

If you're ever in a hurry...

Put your fidget spinner on your dash, then just use the handicapped parking.

What do you call Michael J. Fox spinning around in a chair?

A fidget spinner

I used to date a hot 95 pound gymnast with ADD

I just realized she may be the best fidget spinner I'll ever get to play with...

If they put Jesus on a fidget spinner...

Would he have died for our spins?

How do you tell your friend that you think his kids are stupid?

Buy them a fidget spinner.

Little kids are like fidget spinners

They're overhyped.

Oh yeah and they spin easier when you stick something metal through them.

What do you call a person afflicted with cerebral palsy that likes riding on merry-go-rounds?

A Fidget Spinner.

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News: British man who built world's largest Rubik's cube builds world's largest fidget spinner.

He then went home to the world's emptiest bed.

Doctors have recently discovered an infectious form of cancer.

It's commonly known by the name "fidget spinner app"

What do you call an epileptic on a merry-go-round?

A fidget spinner.

How many fidget spinners does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

**None because it's always lit fam**

Life is like a fidget spinner

Just spins endlessly without anything fun happening

Teacher: you cant be here this is a special eds class

Kid: *takes out fidget spinner*

Teacher: carry on

What do you call a little person with ADHD in a washing machine?

Midget fidget spinner

Fidget spinners were a warning

For all these hurricanes!

What do you call Michael J. Fox on a merry-go-round?

A fidget spinner.

How is a fidget spinner like the cause of my father's heart attack?

It was all the rage last year.

Fake news is nothing...

Compared to the 8 million people who died from fidget spinners in New York last year.

Yo mama so fat...

Hurricane Irma is her fidget spinner.

DNA tests for white supremacists is like a fidget spinner.

It sounds like a good idea until you own one.

1960: I hope we have flying cars.

2017: Flying Fidget spinners.

What kind of Doctors use Fidget Spinners?

Spin Doctors

Roommate wanted to know what to get her host family while she is abroad. I told her to get her something American...

She got them a fidget spinner made in China.

What did the British painter ask his fidget spinner?

"Am I your favorite autist?"

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