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  1. Professor X to JK Rowling: Professor X: "What's your power?"
    JK Rowling: "I can rewrite the past of fictional characters."
    Gay Professor X: "Interesting."
  2. I miss the days when the Annoying Orange was just a fictional youtube character And not the President of the United States.
  3. I am completely outraged by JJ Abrahms saying the next Star Wars will have an openly gay character in his science fiction franchise Star wars is Science Fantasy, not Science Fiction
  4. A man asks an atheist if he had the ability to choose, which fictional character would he be The atheist replied with " God "
  5. What does Harry Potter and your Soulmate have in common? They're both fictional Characters.
  6. superheros and religion are alot more similar than you think Just a bunch people arguing whose fictional character is the best.
  7. I hate it when characters come back to life in fiction... It really removes some tension from the book. That's why I didn't like the bible.
  8. Smart blonde, honest politican and grandma are walking into a bar Who orders beer?

    Grandma because other characters are fictional!
  9. If every Literary Fiction character to ever exist fought, who would win? Personally, my bet is on God.
  10. Whats the most unlikely line to read in the bible ? The characters in this book are entirely fictional.

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  1. Which fictional character i would totally bang? My Girlfriend!
  2. My favorite fictional character is My dad

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Santa Claus, A Republican with morals, and a blonde sees a $100 bill on the floor. Who picks it up?

The blonde does. Santa and a Republican with morals are fictional characters and doesn't exist.