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What are some Fetish jokes?

I've developed a fetish for figuring things out.

I just came to that realization.

I've just discovered that I have a logic fetish.

I can't stop coming to conclusions.

I recently found out my mom has a disturbing fetish. She has slept with several underage teenagers and I am really concerned about their well being.

The victims contacted me while playing CoD.

Today I realized I have a bit of a logic fetish....

I can't stop coming to conclusions.

A pee fetish isn't something you do half-hearted.

Either urine or you're out.

If a man with a foot fetish cheats on his wife...

Does that mean he got off on the wrong foot?

I think my girlfriend has a trigonometry fetish

because every time I talk to her she gets off on a tangent.

I've got a fetish for geometry.

Sorry, I'm getting off on a tangent right now.

Why Americans don't use metric?

Foot fetish

I met someone online who shares my fetish for urinating on dried fruit...

Next week we're going to go on a date

What do you call women with a fetish for firefighters?

Fire Hoes.

I wanted to show appreciation to my new girlfriend's foot fetish. Little did I know the woman in the bed was her sister..

I got off on the wrong foot.

I think my wife has a blind fetish...

Last night she said she doesn't think we should see each other anymore.

I think I have a logic fetish...

I keep coming to conclusions.

If someone has a foot fetish...

...and they cheat, does that mean they got off on the wrong foot?

What is 007's fetish?


What gets wetter the more you dry it?

A woman with a towel fetish

People with an abduction fetish

Demand to be taken, seriously.

When my girlfriend told me she has an abduction fetish, I thought she was kidding.

But she demands to be taken, seriously!

I used to be embarrassed by my geology fetish.

I started off stroking gravel but now I'm feeling a little boulder.

A wife tells her husband that she's discovered his secret fetish via his search history...

"It was a weird one for sure," she says, "but I think I can make it work without being too embarrassed, as long as you don't film it." He accepts.

Later that night, he asks her if she wants to try it. She smiles, begins to undress, and goes "SKIPPITY BEE BOP BEE BOP DUP-A DUAAA"

My ex-girlfriend used to have this strange fetish...

She used to enjoy being strangled until she turned blue in the face.

It's too bad that I am colorblind.

A mother cleaning her 12 year old's bedroom

A mum is cleaning her 12year old son's bedroom and finds a load of bondage gears and fetish magazines.

She asks her husband, "What do I do?"

He says, "I'm not sure, but whatever you do, don't spank him!"

What does someone with a foot fetish wish for?

To meet their solemate.

My wife has a logic fetish...

She's always coming to conclusions.

Just thought this when making a coffee, I'm sorry...

I've grown a fetish where I love to lick milk off white women's feet, I've been labelled a racist though... it's not my fault I'm black toes intolerant.

Thank you, thank you very much *hangs head in shame*

What was the statistician's fetish?

Let's just say he had the standard deviation.

Did you hear about the guy with a fetish for public transportation?

He got off at every stop.

I hate talking to my boyfriend sometimes.

Every time I bring up his camping fetish, he pitches a huge tent.

A distant relative of mine died and I came into some money...

but my friends told me that I have a weird fetish.

Where do you find a man with an aquatic mammal fetish?

In Wales.

You know what they say about people with an architecture fetish?

If you build it, they will come.

My girlfriend has this really weird fetish

She likes to pretend she's 13 years old when we have sex.

I don't know why, she'll be 13 in a couple of years anyway.

All the girls in my town have a fetish for feet.

Any time I go near one, they add a few more to the restraining order.

My wife left me because I couldn't control my pasta touching fetish...

I'm feeling cannelloni right now

My Uncle has a coal fetish.

Its why he likes to bang miners.

Your fetishes are nothing to be ashamed about!

Unless your fetish is being humiliated, then you should feel ashamed you nasty little pervert.

I have a fetish for indigenous girls. Wanted to have sex with this girl in Alaska, but, unfortunately...

... She wasn't inuit.

Did you hear about the lawyer with a fetish for loopholes?

He got off on a technicality.

What do you call someone with a fetish for chickpeas?

A hummussexual.

My girlfriend left me today because I have developed a pasta touching fetish.

I've been feeling Canneloni ever since. :'(

What's the difference between a necrophiliac and someone with a granny fetish?

A couple of weeks

At the drop of a hat

I recently had sex with my woman for the first time, and apparently she was impressed. She said, "You last so much longer than the last guy I was with! He would come at the drop of a hat!" I just smiled and said thanks but all I could think was "That's a really weird fetish."

How many people does it take to screw a lightbulb?

Just one guy with a really weird fetish.

I like incorporating my fetish into my job...

It keeps me working hard.

Did you hear about the twins with a fruit fetish? (May be NSFW)

They came in pears

I used to have a secret fetish for used tampons, but it's not so secret anymore.

I was caught red handed.

Did you hear about the man with a legal fetish?

He got off on a technicality.

I've got a foot fetish.

I only like 12 inch dicks

Did you hear about the guy with a jurisprudence fetish?

He got off on a technicality.

I told my girlfriend I have a foot fetish...

She said, this is getting out of hand.

I've heard so many theories about why America won't drop the imperial system

But we all know it's really just a foot fetish

What do you call an Irishman with a homoerotic tongue fetish?


Ever heard about the guy who had a fetish for broken buttons on video game controllers?

He got off to a bad start.

So I found out I have a fetish for finding things out.

I really came to that conclusion.

My shower has a fetish for me..

Because when I step in naked it gets turned on.

I was talking to some friends about my fetish for anything statistics related...

and apparently it's not a standard deviation.

What do you call a Goth with a foot fetish??

Edgar Allan Toes

I have a rain fetish.

It really gets me wet.

Turns out my coworker and I share the same fetish

i quickly realized though we got off on the wrong foot

He: I have a foot fetish...

She: An uncontrollable desire to return to the imperial measurement system??

My new girlfriend says she has a water fetish

apparently it gets her wet

What happened to the man with a legal fetish when he went to court for his parking ticket?

He got off on a technicality

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