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What is the female equivalent of a sausage fest?

A clam bake


What do you do at a festival when the bass is too much?

Drop some acid, it'll neutralize the effect


What's the worst part of working at a meat packing plant?

It's a total sausage fest.


What happened to ray charles and stevie wonder at the new orleans blues fest?

They ran into each other


I went to the midget comedy fest in Hawaii

They called it the "Aloha"


A joke fit for Viking Fest

Ole was on his death bed. The doctor had told Lena that he wouldn't last the night and he might as well die at home on his own bed. After a while, Ole's eyes flickered open and he sniffed the air and muttered "Lefsa. Oh, Lefsa." He worked his way to the edge of the bed and slipped to the floor. Sniffing the air and muttering, "Lefsa," he crawled to the stairs and half climbed, half fell downstairs. "Oh, Lefsa..." He crawled to the kitchen door. There, he saw Lena standing at the stove cooking Lefsa, with a stack of finished ones on the table. He crawled to the table and painfully pulled himself up on a chair murmuring "Lefsa." He was reaching out for one when Lena turned and saw him. She smacked his hand with the spatula and said, "Now, Ole, stop that! Those are for after the funeral."


What do you call an all guy Christian party?

A suseJ fest


What does a gay guy call a sausage fest?

Feeding Frenzy.


How do you call a party of people with epilepsy?

Foam fest


What is festive and works with the police?

A mince spy


Why is Riot Fest going to be in Toronto?

They play music, not hockey.


Cameltoe is feminine...

With the masculine form mooseknuckles. What is the feminine form of sausage fest?






Why does Festivus use an aluminum pole?

Because if you use a pole that can rust you don't get Festivus you get Tetanus.


What's a festival-goers favourite fruit?



Before the annual cattle fest, I fed the cows some 'quality grass'

The steaks have never been higher


A joke I heard at the Ren Fest once...still bad, and still hilarious.

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because it was dead.


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