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What did the dentist name his boat?

The Tooth Ferry

Two Finnish guys are sitting in a ferry, drinking v**.....

After a few hours of drinking one of the Finns says This was fun
The other one replies:
Are we here to drink, or are we here to talk?

I wanted to tell my children a story about a ship that brings cars from one side of the river to the other

But then I noticed that they're too old for ferry tales.

A twofer

A priest and a lawyer are on a ferry boat along with a bunch of kids who are on a field trip. The ferry boat hits a rock and starts to sink. The priest and the lawyer lower a lifeboat. The lawyer jumps in, and yells, "Get in! Hurry up!"

The priest says, "What about the kids?"

The lawyer says, "Screw the kids!"

And the priest says, "Do you think we'll have time?"

What do you call a gay ship?

A ferry

How did the tugboat get AIDS?

It was rear-ended by a ferry.

Why does a Ferry Boat never get Sick?

Because it's always going to the Dock.

Ferry joke, Why does a Ferry Boat never get Sick?

What kind of stories do big boats tell little boats?

Ferry tales

Driving in France

I was driving from London to Paris and got off the ferry at Calais.

I got onto the D901, when my wife called me saying "careful dear, they are saying on the news that there is a lunatic driving on the wrong side of the road."

I said "the news is wrong honey. There are hundreds of these lunatics driving on the wrong side honking at me. Gotta go".

A minister is vacationing through the Holy Land

And is taking a historical trip to all of the sights associated with Jesus. Finally, he reaches the Sea of Galilee, where he is planning on taking a ferry boat across the water. Once he gets up to the ticket counter, however, he is shocked to learn the outrageous price of a ticket, and has to unfortunately end his trip early. As he walked away from the ticket counter, he was heard muttering well no wonder Jesus walked.

A Scottish Trip

"Da, why can't we just take a ferry to France for vacation?"

"Just shut up with year nagging and keep on swimming son."

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So I went on a gay cruise

It was a ferry.

Whats brown and comes out of Cowes backwards?

The Isle of Wight ferry.

What's brown and comes steaming out of cows?

The Isle of Wight ferry!

The joke my grandma told me when i came out

Two gay guys are standing on top of the statue of liberty looking out over the harbor. The first points out a boat and asks "what kind of boat is that?" "Oh that's a barge" replied the other this continued for a while when the first pointed out another and the other replied "that's a ferry ship." the first paused and thought for a moment before replying "i knew we were organized but i didn't realize we had a navy "

FYI: They sell booze on the Ferry Ride back from Alcatraz

So come take part in Alchietraz

Ferry joke, FYI: They sell booze on the Ferry Ride back from Alcatraz

A man was told that "a fairy would soon be coming here"

When it came, he said to it "I wish to travel the world without any limitations"

And so he climbed onto the ferry.

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