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What are some Fellers jokes?

What do you call three Irish lumberjacks?

Tree fellers

Two Irishmen are walking down the street looking for a job.

One sees a sign that says, "Tree fellers wanted." He turns to his companion and says, "Aye, 'tis a pity dere's only the two of us!"

What does a lumberjack and a trio of Irishmen have in common?

They're both tree fellers.

A couple of Irishmen are walking down a country road . . .

They see a sign that says "Tree Fellers wanted".

One of them turns to the other and says, "Dammit. Too bad there's only two of us."

It's unwise to cut down a forest on your own.

It usually takes tree fellers or more.

So two Irish men were walking down the street...

... and they saw a sign saying tree fellers wanted. One of the men said to the other, "too bad we're a man short"

A Cowboy Walks Into a Saloon, Naked . . .

. . . except for his boots.

Where your clothes at, Slim?

Back at the barn. I was feeding the horses when a beautiful blonde drove up. She says, 'I wanna show you something in the barn. Follow me.'

So I followed her. She says, 'Take off all your clothes.' So I do. Then she takes off her clothes, and says, 'You like what you see?' Fellers, she had the most bodacious body I ever did see! I said, 'Yes, ma'am, I do!'

Then she lays down on a blanket, all friendly-like, and says, 'Well, then, go to town, Cowboy!'

So I pulled on my boots and here I am.

Paddy and Mick see a sign

Walking down the road in Ireland, Paddy and Mick see a sign see a sign saying "Tree Fellers Wanted".
Paddy sighs and says, "It's a shame Ryan wasn't with us, we could have gone for that job!".

Two Irish fellas, Paddy and Murphy are looking for a job

They are walking down the road when they see a sign saying "Tree fellers wanted - apply within"

Paddy says "Hey Murphy, if we find another person we can apply for that".

Paddy and Mick are walking through the woods when they come across a sign that reads, "Tree fellers wanted." Paddy says, "Ah what a shame!"

"If only Seamus was here with us, we all could have applied for that!"

Two Irishmen are looking for a job.

They come across a sign, that reads, "Tree Fellers". Pat and Murphy look at each other and exclaim, "If only Seamus was here, we would've had the job!"

How did Jerry greet his lumberjack friends?

Evening, fellers.

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