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They say the feds track all internet activity and look out for keywords that indicate terrorism or otherwise

I wanted to test this out and Googled "how to kill President"

Few days later I received a care package containing ammo

The price of lumber has gone up so much...

That the Feds confiscated a load of 2x4's buried in kilos of cocaine.

Last week I found out my cousin was into underage girls.

I reported him to the feds, but when they arrived on the scene they wouldn't do a thing. They let the freak run free.

Oh well, at least he didn't enjoy his tenth birthday party.

The Feds have just raided a tennis club used as a front for a large Mafia organisation.

No doubt they'll be charged with racquet-eering.

Small businesses: You have 30 apples. Someone asks you for 5 apples. How many apples do you have left?

Feds: 30

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day...

Give a fish a man, and you don't gotta worry about him squealing to the Feds.

What do you call a party featuring John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and co as guests?

A feds era list party.

Did you hear what the Feds found at Jared Fogle's home?

A five year old footlong.

Now all we gotta wait for is the feds to start building a pipeline through Wrigley Field

\- and then it'll truly be an Indian burial ground.

The feds raided my kitchen remodeling business and sent the undocumented Mexicans back to Mexico. Trump said they were animals ruining the economy.

They were counter-fitters!

There's a minivan parked across the street from my house since Monday...

Either the feds are watching me, or my neighbor has a minivan

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