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*tips fedora at mosquito*


A man walks into a bar...

Shadily dressed in a trench coat with the collar pulled up and a fedora pulled down over his face. A livid scar runs down his cheek, and his two tone shoes are dangerously polished. In his hands he's carrying an accordion case. The bar falls completely silent. All of the patrons turn pale and freeze as the man strolls up to the bar and sets the case down on the counter. Everyone holds their breath. Suddenly, the man flips open the case and pulls out a machine gun! And everyone in the bar breathes a sigh of relief.

I'm going fedora shopping later today...

Any tips?

Fedora joke, I'm going fedora shopping later today...

I'm so sorry but what is a fedora wearer's favourite part in music?


Whats a fedora clad, neck bearded gentlemen's favorite color?


A neckbearded man walks into the doctor's office

The doctor asks "what seems to be the problem sir?"
The man solemnly removes his fedora and says "I have several maladies"

What do you call Dora the Explorer in an Iron Man suit?


I'll see myself out.

Fedora joke, What do you call Dora the Explorer in an Iron Man suit?

I just donated some money to the maintainers of a Linux distribution derived from Red Hat

\*tips fedora\*

What is a fedora clad neck-bearded gent's favourite band?

M'roon 5

Why was the guy wearing the fedora upset?

Because you didn't ask him what band he's in.

What's the best way anyone could pull off a fedora?


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*Tips fedora at Shyamalan*


How does a fedora wearing German, living in France say Earth?


What do you get when you're bitten by a mosquito wearing a fedora?


What's the difference between a fedora and a fedina?

"A fedina? What's a fedina?"

"*a-Spaghetti and meatballs!*"

Try it out. Just try it. This holiday season.

What does a black guy wearing a fedora say to greet people?

Sup m'niggas

Fedora joke, What does a black guy wearing a fedora say to greet people?

A Neckbeard Approaches a Cancer Patient at a Bar...

He tips his fedora and says, "Malady."

What does a fedora guy say on the Singapore border?


What are a fedora tipper's three favorite pokemon?


What is a fedora enthusiast's favorite cookie?


what phase is it called when a man with a fedora and trenchcoat realise they look stupid


What's it called when a fedora wearing neckbeard gets sick?


What's a neckbeards favorite linux os?


(cricket cricket)

I was at the job interview today and my interviewer told me I was a bit old-fashioned for his company.

On the other hand, he did like my tunic and fedora.

What do you call the atheist head covering?

A fedora

*Tips fedora at airplane*


What is a neckbeard's favorite food?

(tips fedora)

What is a nice guys' favorite cooking utensil?


*tips fedora*

Just kidding, it's his mom. He doesn't cook.

A neck beard passes actor Lucas Till on the street

Tips fedora: M'gyver

*tips fedora at the First Lady*


*tips fedora at duck*


*Tips fedora at ill-looking woman on the street*


What color did the neckbeard paint his basement?

M'agenta *tips fedora*

What did the fedora-wearing neckbeard cannibal say after his date?


*Tips fedora to crashing plane*


*tips fedora at Borneo*


*assault rifle tips fedora*


Singapore: *looking northward, tips fedora*


Psychiatrist: *tips fedora at depressed patient*


What's a neckbeards favorite disease?

M'laria. *tips Fedora*

What do you say to a cool cat in a nice fedora?

Get off my hat!

What did the neckbeard cat say?

M'eow (tips fedora)

What is a neckbeards favorite candy?

*tips fedora*

M's and M's

What does a gentlemanly virus say to its host?

*Tips fedora* Malady.

*Tips fedora to cute non-binary girl*


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