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When my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, I said, "a postman". They laughed and said I should have more ambition, but now I'm 33 and work at FedEx.

OP delivers!

my girlfriend is a lot like the Fedex guy.

She only comes when I'm not home.

(Probably not original but I haven't heard it before)

A FedEx guy knocks on the door....

A FedEx guy knocks on the door. A little kid answers, naked except underpants, smoking a joint & holding half a bottle of Scotch.

FedEx guy says "Kid, is your mother home?"

The kid says "What do *you* think?"

Did you hear the news? FedEx and UPS are merging.

They're going to go by the name Fed-Up from now on.

FedEx and UPS tried working together once

Didn't last long as they became FedUp.

As a Fedex driver myself, I thought this was really funny. The punchline might not make sense to you guys though, because...

OP delivers.

I just started working for FedEx

OP delivers

A friend who works for FedEx told me how to tell a decent joke.

It's all about the delivery.

The Washington Redskins' stadium being sponsored by FedEx makes a lot of sense.

Neither delivers on Sundays.

There is going to be a merger between FedEx and UPS..

Yep, they're going to be called "FedUp"

What language do Fed-Ex drivers speak?


I wanted to tell you a FedEx joke...

But there was already one yesterday, and I don't want you to get FedUp.

What did the comedy club proprietor say to the FedEx guy?

The jokes are ok but you need to work on your delivery.

Friend told me this one today. Fed Ex and UPS

Did you hear Fed-Ex and UPS joined together and made a conglomerate?They called it fed up.

What's the difference between a woman and a Fed-Ex package?

One is female, the other is mail.

A guy is in a job interview...

And the interviewer says to him "your work history looks good on your resume, but notice there's a four year gap between FedEx and your secretarial job. Can you explain that?" The guy says "oh yeah, thats when I went to Yale."

The interviewer is impressed and says "wow, very cool! You're hired!" The guy breathes a sigh of relief and says "oh good! I really need this yob."

I would tell you a FedEx joke...

but you'd probably wouldn't receive it until a week or so.

What do you call an East-Indian Fed-ex delivery driver?

A currier.

***Breaking News*** UPS and FedEx set to merge this Friday!

...They're going to call it: FedUp

What do you call a divorced FBI agent?


Frederick W. Smith created a company because he needed money to pay maintenance to his ex wife.

He called it Fed*Ex*.

What's funny about a FedEx guy telling a joke about his truck full of Nitrous oxide?

There is nothing funny about the joke, it's about his delivery.

They say that jokes are all about the delivery

I think that is codswallop because no one finds FedEx or DHL funny.

Did you hear that the unions for Bridgestone, FedEx, and UPS are pushing for a merger?

They wanted to be rebranded as The Local Tired and FedUp.

The deliveryman in the elevator.

A deliveryman whose company has competitors such as FedEx, and who also happened to be born with an extra chromosome, was in an elevator along with one of the residents of the apartment.

The deliveryman was asked: "So, how are you liking your job these days?"

He replied: "Oh, you know, it has its UPS and Down's."

What do you call a mailman's former girlfriend?


Did you hear about the FedEx lady who had a baby? (DAD JOKE)

Supposedly she had to rush the delivery!

Did you hear the news that UPS and Fed-ex are going to merge?

They're going to be called Fed-UPS.

What do you call an Indian Fedex worker?

A curry-er.

What do you call an Indian Fedex worker?

A courier.

Why did Harry Potter get fired from FedEx?

Because he kept licking the packages.

You know, because of his parseltongue.

With all the havoc that Christmas deliveries bring, FedEx and UPS decided to come together.

Now they're FedUp.

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