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Finally found out why MTV doesn't do crossover episodes

The FCC had some serious problems with "Pimp my Pregnant 16 Year Old."

Why does the FCC Chairman have the last name "Pai"?

Because he is irrational...

The FCC is trying to take away Net Neutrality.

This isn't a joke it's real my dudes

I like to think of my willpower as being like a bunch of people.

When it's time to go to bed, my people tell me to go to bed and I stay up late. When it's time to get up, my people tell me to get up and I stay in bed.

If I get any better at going against the will of my people, I could qualify for FCC chairman.

The FCC has just made a formal announcement

If anyone keeps complaining about Net Neutrality they'll pay for it.

The FCC walks into a bar

We still don't know what happened. It's been loading for five hours

Why is everyone criticising Aji Pai?

I've only ever known Aji Pai as an American attorney as the Chairman of United States FCC who makes the best decisions. Aji Pai has always had my enjoyment as their primary concern and their community involvement is phenomenal.

($50 has been deposited into your Paypal account, remember to delete this part of the message before posting it).

What do the FCC and manure have in common?

I was in a high-speed car crash today.

Luckily I work for the FCC so I was going 5 mph on impact.

How to pass a Proposal at the FCC

just make the Title apealing, noone cares what it is actually about.

Perhaps we should start throwing small potatoes at FCC Chairman Pai to express our displeasure and to annoy him.

It would make him Ajit-tatered.

(disclaimer, do not throw potatoes at people, duh)

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The chairman of the FCC...

The FCC shut down a pie contest

Because of pie rating

The chairman of the FCC is starting a new business.

It's going to be called PaiPal.

If I had a $ for every complaint I've seen this week about the FCC...

Ajit Pai has resigned from the FCC to take a new role with a better monthly salary and a better corporate fit.

A man walks into the FCC Building

What does the chairman of the FCC eat for dessert?

I wrote an essay about the Net Neutrality to the FCC but this error comes up when I try to send it...

I'm the FCC chairman and the man hoping to abolish net neutrality. I am Ajit Pai, AMA

How many FCC Chairmen does it take to repeal Net Neutrality?

All the children had already submitted their jokes following this format

Except for Joe.

The FCC made his internet slow

The FCC Just Announced...

It's going to keep net neutrality.

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