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My Lesbian neighbours Eva and Julia asked me to help them conceive a child recently.

They said they wouldn't mind if we did it the old fashioned way as they weren't man haters!

For six months now we've been trying but I just don't have the heart to tell them I had a vasectomy last year.

Call me old fashioned but...

I remember when ecstasy was throwing acid in the face of your enemies

Manual labour

My mate pointed out the window and said, "Is that your wife mowing the lawn out there?"

"Yeah, she never stops," I replied

"Call me old fashioned if you want, but I hate to see a woman doing manual labour."

"Me too," I replied, as I closed the curtains

Fashioned joke, Manual labour

At my friend's house, her dad told us these jokes called "Mama mama jokes." I expected old fashioned "Yo' mama" jokes. I got these.

Mama, Mama, I don't like little brother!

Shut up and eat what you're told.

Mama, Mama, I don't want to go to Hawaii!

Shut up and keep swimming.

Mama, Mama, I don't like going in circles!

Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor!

Honestly, I'm scarred.

What do you call someone who wears a diaper fashioned from a map?


Knew a guy who fashioned an entire suit out of rubber bands.

He was quite the snappy dresser.

A baby boy was recently born without eyelids...

The doctors, thinking quickly, circumcised the boy and fashioned eyelids from the boy's foreskin. Reports are that the surgery was successful although the boy is now cock-eyed.

Fashioned joke, A baby boy was recently born without eyelids...

What do you call a Russian Duke who makes butter the old fashioned way?

A churn-noble!

We're celebrating Thanksgiving the old fashioned way at my place this year

By inviting our neighbors over to eat and then killing them and taking their land

What would you have if Spain became a Benevolent Traditional Monarchy?

A Good Old Fashioned Spain King.

How did the residents of Fangorn Forest develop their website?

With some good old fashioned data ent-tree of course!

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I'm old fashioned when it comes to coffee. If someone offers me a hot cup of java, I say no thanks.

I'd much prefer a cup of C++.

Two old Polish guys were talking about how tough their childhoods were...

"When I was a boy, my father taught me to swim the old fashioned way! He just took me out to the middle of a lake and threw me overboard!"

"Wow! That must have been scary!"

"Well, it was easy enough swimming back to shore, once I got myself out of that burlap sack."

A woman walks into a bar

A woman walks into a bar and orders an Old Fashioned. So the bartender took away her voting rights.

The lesbians next door

My lesbian neighbors wanted me to help them conceive a child and agreed to do it the old fashioned way because they are very easy going. We've been trying for three months and I haven't had the heart to tell them I had a vasectomy last year...

The Heavy Weight World Champion belt will no longer be fashioned to look like a large watch.

They realized it was just a huge waist of time.

Fashioned joke, The Heavy Weight World Champion belt will no longer be fashioned to look like a large watch.

Did you hear the one about the time traveler who got tired of his friends complaining he was too old fashioned?

He saw the era of his ways.

Why couldn't I take my cocktail home with me?

It was a little Old Fashioned.

My wife told me she's leaving me because I'm "old fashioned."

A traveler walks into a bar in Montana and orders an Old Fashioned.

The bartender smiles and asks, So what part of Wisconsin are you from?

My new mower says I need to check the oil before each use and change it annually.

I think I'd rather change it the old fashioned way.

What did the old fashioned Chemistry teacher say to his disobedient student?

Alkane you if you don't start behaving

Why do old fashioned races start with a countdown from a bikini model?

It's the thot that counts

I make her call me daddy in bed.

Call me old fashioned I just think a kid should never say their parents first name.

My girlfriend calls me daddy in bed

Call me old fashioned but I think children should never say their parents name.

My friend is old fashioned. Before proposing to his girlfriend, he asked her father.

But he was already married.

call me old fashioned but in my day gender fluid was something you could wipe off your girlfriends chest

Somebody want to tell me who I stole this off?

My girlfriend walked out on me for being too old fashioned

I thought we had good alchemy.

If ire is an old fashioned synonym for anger,

Is Ireland the land of angry people?

What do you call it when you have sex "The old fashioned" way?

Missionary Accomplished!

I spent Valentine's Day the old fashioned way

Running around in a diaper shooting arrows at people

I told my wife I wanted her to wear an old- fashioned Halloween costume this year

She filled herself up with whiskey, bitters, and sugar, and topped herself off with an orange slice and cherry.

I ended up going as the "stiff" part of our couples' costume.

People often tell me I'm very old fashioned for a millennial

I guess I'm just a late boomer.

My parents are old fashioned. When I was a boy they wanted me to play baseball.

And When I was a girl they wanted me to see a psychiatrist

My ex broke up with me because she said I was too old fashioned

I thought we had good alchemy

My girlfriend walked out on me ..

My girlfriend walked out on me for being too old fashioned. I thought we had good alchemy.

I never order shrimp-fried rice.

Call me old fashioned, but I like my food to be prepared by a human.

I got my daughter a watch for her birthday. She thought it was cool and showed it to the neighbour. He said, "that's a pretty watch you've got there! Does it tell you the time?"

She laughed and said, "no, this is an old fashioned watch! You have to look at it!"

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Ha ha ha. You sucker.

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