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Farewell jokes are a great way to say goodbye to a friend or loved one. Whether you're looking for a funny way to say goodbye or just want to make someone laugh, these farewell jokes are sure to do the trick.

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Best Short Farewell Jokes

Short farewell puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The farewell humour may include short goodbye jokes also.

  1. I was having trouble writing my farewell speech... A guy said, "If you give me $20 I'll write the speech for you."
    I said, "That's a good buy."
  2. I've always been interested by the way different cultures say farewell I guess you could say I'm bye curious
  3. This doctor is so lucky An E.N.T. Professor retired from college. In the farewell college faculty
    gifted him a silver ear.
    Thanking the faculty the professor said: Thank god I am not a gynecologist.
  4. What do you call a medieval ruler who frequently says farewell, is attracted to both genders, rides a motorcycle, and originates from Scandinavia? A biking
  5. Less well known than Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms"... is his sequel, "Oh Hello Arms I Didn't Think I'd See You Again"
  6. Don't you guys think abolishing The Police is a bit extreme? At least let them have a farewell tour first.
  7. I met up with my impersonal trainer today We went to the gym,i stood there eating snacks and he worked out,then we said our farewells and parted ways.
    -George C.
  8. What the last thing people of German said to their football team when they left to Russia for the WC? "Farewell, see you again soon"
  9. In his final hour, Albert Einstein started writing letters of farewell...
  10. What is a berry's favorite farewell? "Acai you later!"
Farewell joke, What is a berry's favorite farewell?

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Farewell One Liners

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  1. I asked a friend whether he knew how to say "farewell" in French. He replied, "Adieu"
  2. A bought a farewell card for only a penny... It was a good buy.
  3. I am reading an autobiography of a double amputee… It's called A Farewell To Arms .
  4. I've had enough of my girlfriend's obsession with auctions. So I bid her farewell.
  5. How do people in the Middle East bid farewell to each other? They Dubai
  6. Farewell to the last original piece of Joan Rivers... her soul
  7. What was the double amputee's favorite book? A Farewell to Arms
  8. What's the instantaneous rate of change of an Italian farewell? Derivederci!
  9. How do you bid farewell to your pet rock? You let it roll.
  10. Which book does a handicap and the NRA hate the most? A Farewell to arms
  11. Russian Hacker Saying Farewell DDOS Vidania
  12. A Farewell To Arms Had NOTHING to do with amputees. Very disappointed.
  13. How do say farewell to a cat? You ask him to have a mice day.
  14. A live theater play about the Arctic. "So long. Farewell. I mean to say to goodbye!"
  15. PressTV-Iran v-ballers bid farewell to FIVB league

Farewell joke, PressTV-Iran v-ballers bid farewell to FIVB league

Howlingly Hilarious Farewell Jokes for an Unforgettable Evening

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Baked Beans.

One day I met a sweet woman and fell in love. When it became apparent that we would marry, I made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans.
Some months later, on my birthday, my car broke down on the way home from work. Since I lived in the countryside I called my wife and told her that I would be late because I had to walk home. On my way, I passed by a small diner and the odour of baked beans was more than I could stand. With miles to walk, I figured that I would walk off any ill effects by the time I reached home, so I stopped at the diner and before I knew it, I had consumed three large orders of baked beans. All the way home, I made sure that I released all the gas.
Upon my arrival, my wife seemed excited to see! me and exclaimed delightedly: "Darling I have a surprise for dinner tonight."
She then blindfolded me and led me to my chair at the dinner table. I took a seat and just as she was about to remove my blindfold, the telephone rang. She made me promise not to touch the blindfold until she returned and went to answer the call. The baked beans I had consumed were still affecting me and the pressure was becoming most unbearable, so while my wife was out of the room I seized the opportunity, shifted my weight to one leg and let one go. It was not only loud, but it smelled like a fertilizer truck running over a skunk in front of a pulpwood mill. I took my napkin from my lap and fanned the air around me vigorously. Then, shifting to the other cheek, I ripped off three more. The stink was worse than cooked cabbage. Keeping my ears carefully tuned to the conversation in the other room, I went on like this for another few minutes. The pleasure was indescribable. When eventually the telephone farewells signalled the end of my freedom, I quickly fanned the air a few more times with my napkin, placed it on my lap and folded my hands back on it feeling very relieved and pleased with myself. My face must have been the picture of innocence when my wife returned, apologizing for taking so long. She asked me if I had peeked through the blindfold, and I assured her I had not. At this point, she removed the blindfold, and twelve dinner guests seated around the table chorused: "Happy Birthday!"

The Boss always insisted that only Abdul should serve his coffee, but

yesterday, this conversation happened.
Boss: Abdul, since the last 8 years you have brought me coffee filled to the brim without spilling even a drop.
How do you manage that over these stairs?
Abdul: Sir, just before I climb up the stairs, I take a big sip. As I get upstairs, I put it back.
Today is Abdul's farewell party.

Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad are fishing on a boat

As Jesus winds down the fishing lesson, he notes the time. He bids them farewell, and walks across the lake home.
After a while, Moses decided he wasn't very good at fishing, so he parted the lake and went home.
Being the last one left, Muhammed ██████████ █████ ████████████████ ██████████ ███████████████ ███████

How do you bid farewell to a s**... open Arctic animal with a mental disorder.

"Bye bye bi bipolar polar bear!"

Angela Merkel visits Athens for a farewell visit before stepping down as Chancellor

She arrives at the airport and is stopped by the customs official.
"Angela Dorothea Merkel."
"No, just visiting for a few days."

I get a**... during farewells

I guess I am bye-s**...

A minister was making farewell visits before moving to a new parish.

An elderly woman of the congregation paid him the compliment of suggesting that his successor would not be as good as he had been.
Nonsense, he replied, flattered.
No, really, she insisted. * I've lived here under six different ministers, and each new one has been worse than the last. *

A retired man who volunteers to entertain patients in nursing homes and hospitals went to one local hospital in Brooklyn and took his portable keyboard along.
He told some jokes and sang some funny songs at patients’ bedsides.
When he finished he said, in farewell, “I hope you get better.”
One elderly gentleman replied, “I hope you get better, too.”

The elder statesman was giving his farewell speech.

"And when I die, bury my head in Central Pennsylvania, for that was where I had my brightest ideas. Bury my hands in Washington, D.C., for that was where I accomplished the most work. Bury my feet on the West Coast, for that was where I ran the hardest."
Just then, a journalist interrupted, "Sir, where should we bury your a**...? Because you've made the whole country a s**...!".

It's my coworkers last day...

A coworker is leaving this weekend to become a firefighter. We're throwing him a farewell party and want to have a funny pun written on the wall. Something like "seeing you leave really blows" but instead have it somehow relate to becoming a firefighter.
I know you guys can help us out. Thanks!

How do you say farewell to a pure, s**... fluid person?

Good Bi!

Farewell joke, How do you say farewell to a pure, s**... fluid person?

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