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  1. I went to a fancy dress party... A girl approached me and asked 'what are you meant to be?'
    I said 'a harp'
    She replied 'your costume is too small to be a harp'
    I said 'are you calling me a lyre?'
  2. The wife and I went to a bank robber-themed fancy dress party last night. Well I did. She stayed in the car, keeping the engine running.
  3. My friend told me he was going to a fancy dress party as an Italian island. I said to him 'Don't be Sicily'.
  4. Me and the wife went to an 80's themed fancy dress party last week. She didn't want me to go as a pop star... ...but i was adamant
  5. I went to a fancy dress party dressed as a Pirate, the host said where are your buccaneers? I replied. Under my buckinghat.
  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to a fancy dress party dressed as Tchaikovsky However, when he found out that someone was already dressed as Tchaikovsky, he said "i'll be Bach".
  7. What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say to Beethoven on the way to the fancy dress party? "I'll be Bach"
  8. i went to a fancy dress party dressed as a globe and didnt speak to anyone all night. I was in a world of my own
  9. A guy goes to a fancy dress party and one of the guests says to him what have you come as, and why is your wife on your back? He replies I'm a tortoise and that's Michelle
  10. I walked into a fancy dress shop and said to the woman, "I'm going to a party tonight, and I want to go as an A4 piece of paper." She gave me a blank look.

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Fancy Dress One Liners

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  1. I went to a fancy dress party last night dressed as a screwdriver. Turned a few heads.
  2. I went to a fancy dress party dressed as a tennis ball. I got served straight away.
  3. Went to a fancy dress party as a fridge. People laughed but at least I looked fresh.
  4. Went to a fancy dress party dressed as a tennis ball Got served first every time
  5. Hey Terminator, who are you dressing up as for the musical fancy dress? I'll be Bach
  6. What do you call an Atheist at a Christian fancy dress party? A cross-dresser.

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I'll never forget the day I met my wife.

We were at a fancy dress party. She was stood there, looking gorgeous and slim, with her fat mate. They'd gone together, dressed as the number ten.
I knew there and then, she was the one.

Guy goes to a fancy dress party wearing dark-green Lycra and carrying a n**... woman on his back...

"What are you two supposed to be?" asks someone.
"Oh," he replies. "I'm a tortoise, and this is Michelle."

Two black eyes

A friend of mine was walking out of church service and I noticed he had two black eyes. I asked what happened. "Well, he said, "I was sitting behind Mrs. Brown, you know, the large woman with all those grandkids; the one that always dresses real fancy. Well, I noticed her dress had accidently got tucked in, well, you know... her back side, between her cheeks. So, I pulled it out and she punched me."
"How did you get the second black eye?"
"Well, I figured if that made her so upset, I'd better try and put it back."

So, I ran into my old Geography Teacher the other day...

and he invited me to his birthday party.
"It's a Geography themed fancy dress party." he said with a grin.
"How's that going to work?" I asked.
"Well, for instance, I'm going as a large Island off the coast of Italy."
"Don't be sicily" I replied...

The fancy dress party.

A man goes to a fancy dress party, carrying a woman on his back. He approaches the door of the party, when the doorman asks 'What have you come as!? You can't come in unless you're in fancy dress...'
The man, looking somewhat confused, replies to the doorman 'I'm dressed as a snail!' The man then points to the woman on his back and says 'That's Michelle!'

I often go to fancy dress parties dressed as a shark....

Quite honestly, the novelty is wearing a little fin

A guy goes to a fancy dress party with his girlfriend on his back....

When asked what he has come as he tells everyone, "I'm a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle of course"
"What's that on your back then???"
"Oh, that's Michele he replies"

I overheard a work colleague saying they are going to a fancy dress party as a small island of the coast of Italy

I said don't be Sicily

I went to the fancy dress shop the other day but they couldn't help me complete my wizard costume

You just can't get the staff.

I once met Bruce Willis

I once met Bruce Willis at a fancy dress party. He was wearing a really shabby looking nun outfit. I was told that he'd worn the same costume to every fancy dress party he'd attended for years. I suppose old habits die hard.

Southern man getting a Vasectomy, no not the cherry bomb joke.

A man from the southern US goes to the doctor to get a vasectomy. He wears his finest 3 piece suit with his best shoes. When the nurse is getting him ready she asks him why he's dressed so fancy. The man replies, "Well heck, if I'ma be impotent, I'ma look impo'tant too."

I went to a fancy dress party as a calendar

A guy came up to me and said "Your days are numbered"

I was at a cowboy fancy dress party and lost that wheel thing they have on their shoes...

It was okay, someone had a spur.

I went to a fancy dress party with my friend dressed as the WTC...

I couldn't find him anywhere

I keep buying cheap nun costumes for fancy dress parties!

I need to stop, my friends keep telling me it's a really bad habit

I saw a man walking down the street in a fancy suit today

He was so sharply dressed I had to go to the hospital for stitches

Fancy Dress Party tonight. Going as a m**... guy with Leprosy

Hope I can pull it off.

A guy goes to a fancy dress party

A guy goes to a fancy dress party with a mouth full of custard. When asked what he came as, he pushed both sides of his cheeks in and then said,
''A ZIT''

I asked John McEnroe if I could go to his fancy dress party as a Harry Potter character.

He replied, "You can not be Sirius".

My friend's throwing a fancy dress party themed around period attire...

I'm going dressed as a t**...

I met a girl at a chicken & egg fancy dress party last week..

We're still debating as to who came first.

Saw a guy walking with a n**... woman on his back. "You OK?" I asked.

"Sure. I'm headed to a fancy dress as a tortoise."
"And her?"
"Oh, that's Michelle."

A man can only have so much s**....

A man can only have so much s**....
Do you know how to tell when he's nearing his limit?
He says "I do" and puts a ring on the finger of a woman in a fancy white dress.

I went to a fancy dress party last week with my Girl Friend on my back, the host said to me what have you come as? A Turtle I replied, so what is that on your back?

Michelle. ( me shell )

I went to a fancy dress party dressed as a chicken last night.

I had a number of near misses on the way there. Everyone kept driving straight at me.

I dressed up as an egg for a fancy dress competition

I went with a guy dressed like a chicken. We had s**... at his place afterwords, and an age-old question was answered that day.
It was the chicken.

I was gonna go to a fancy dress party as a piece of A4 paper but someone ruined my outfit.

Now I'm a bit torn.

Went to a fancy dress party dressed as a turtle with a friend on my back....

Someone asked "who's that on your back?"
"That's Michelle" I replied.

I went to a fancy dress party in a massive ice cube costume.

There were so many bodies there that I almost had a meltdown.

A friend was having a Nirvana themed fancy dress party. I didn't know what to wear. He said 'Come as you are'

My wife suggested we go to a fancy dress party dressed as partridges.

Well I'm game if she is.

I met my new girlfriend at a fancy dress party where coincidentally and bizarrely, we were both dressed as dolphins...

We just clicked...

I saw a man walking down the road with a woman on his back

I said "where are you going?"
He replied "Fancy dress party"
"What as?" I asked
"Tortoise" the man shouted back
"Who's she?" I questioned
To which he responded "That's Michelle"

I was at a fancy dress party, and I ran into a friend of mine, dressed as a turtle with another g**... her back

I asked who's the other girl
She said...

So this hot babe goes to a fancy dress party stark n**... and rings the bell.

The host opens the door and sees her standing there brazenly, tapping her forefinger on her chin.
Host: What are you?
Hot babe: A self-tapping screw!

It was a beautiful summer day.

Birds were singing and a lovely smell of newly cut grass came along with the wind. I saw some gentlemen in the distance, all dressed up in fancy expensive clothing. One of them spotted me and started to wave and calling out my name. I gladly waved back at him, even though I had no idea who he was, but then it hit me...
That was the last time I went daydreaming on a golf course.
Mr Fore

Action hero fancy dress ball...

Arnold Schwarznegger, Sly Stallone & Chuck Norris are invited to a ball where they must all go in fancy dress.
They decide to go as classical composers, so they head to the store to buy their costumes for the ball.
When in the store, Sly says: 'I'll dress as Mozart'
Chuck Says: 'I'll go as Beethoven'
Arnie says: 'I'll be Bach'

Guy goes to a fancy dress party in a green jumpsuit carry a woman by piggy back.....

Doorman: You can't come in mate, you're not in fancy dress
Guy: Yes I am, I'm a tortoise
Doorman: well I can see you're wearing green, but what's with the woman on your back?
Guy: That's Michelle....


A man arrives at a fancy dress with a n**... g**... his back.
"I'm a turtle" he says.
Oh.. Who's on your back?
"That's Michelle" he replies.

Everyone loves my "moderately large business agreement" costume at this fancy dress party.

I'm kind of a big deal.

A rich man brings a p**... to a fancy party

The two enter the ballroom with arms in grasp.

The man, with a new suit, clean shave, and an outrageously expensive watch, was clearly dressed to the nines.

The p**..., barely covered and well worked, had been payed handsomely for her time.

The two approach the bar and both order a whiskey, neat; the prim proper elderly waitress responds with a putrid gasp,
I'm sorry, I cannot serve you, as this is the punch line.

Sadly that shop didn't have any small shiny discs either.

Sorry , said the cashier, we don't have any in stock.
A lady went into an embroidery shop to buy some fancy beads for her dress.
So she tried another shop down the road.
Like this joke, the shops were all out of sequins.

A n**... man was walking down the street with a woman on his back

A bloke on the other side of the road asked, "Where are you going?"
The n**... man replied, "To a fancy dress party."
"What as?" asked the bemused gentleman.
"A tortoise", said the n**... man.
"Well, who is the woman on your back?" said the intrigued gentleman.
"Oh, that's Michelle."
EDIT - I changed the first "gentleman" to "bloke." I hope it makes more sense that way.

Yesterday I encountered a woman with a very extravagant dress, flawless skin, and a really fancy purse.

I avoided her since I thought she would judge me by my appearance.

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