Falafel Jokes

What are some Falafel jokes?

Apparently my attempt at recreating authentic Middle Eastern recipes gave everyone food poisoning...

I falafel.

I ate some bad Greek food

now I falafel.

I don't like eating weirdly named foods

I always Falafel afterwards

What did the sad chickpea say?

I falafel

What did the Middle Eastern dictator say after he had lunch?

I ate too many chickpeas, now I falafel.

I recently switched to an all Middle Eastern diet and can't say I recommend it

I falafel.

I made fun of my Middle Eastern friend's food the other day

Now I falafel about it.

Did you hear about the Grecian who ate a radioactive falafel?

He became a super-gyro.

I ate too much Middle-eastern food

Now I falafel.

Why did the man vomit after eating Middle Eastern food?

It made his stomach falafel.

What did the chick pea say when it got a stomach ache?

I falafel.

Europeans use too many gyros for the slaughter of animals. Let's alert PITA.

That was a terrible pun. I falafel.

I think I ate some bad Egyptian food today.

I falafel.

Why don't I enjoy certain middle eastern food?

Because it just makes me falafel.

What do you call a Muslim dinosaur?

Falafel Raptor

(OC) What did the sick Egyptian cook say?

"I falafel."

Which food killed the tightrope walker?

A falafel.

What type of dinosaurs roamed the Mediterranean before the asteroid hit?

Falafel Raptors.


Someone threw middle eastern food at my friends

They must falafel.

Two chickpeas are walking down the road

When one suddenly starts throwing up.

Hey man are you okay ?

no man I falafel

I made fun of this muslim guys food the other day

But now I falafel about it.

I think I ate some bad Lebanese

I falafel

It felt good to mash up all my chickpeas...

But now I falafel.

A Jew and an Arab

A Jew and an Arab are walking down the street when they come upon a painting of Hitler towards the local falafel shop. The Jew takes one look at the painting and spits on it.

The Arab turns to the Jew and asks him, "why did you do that?"

The Jew replies, "because he killed half the Jews."

The Arab looks at the painting and spits on it.

The Jew, is touched by the gesture and ask the Arab, "Why did you do that?"

The Arab replies, " Because he didn't kill the other half. "

Did you hear about the chickpeas who took a tumble?

It was falafel.

I ate so many chickpeas...

I falafel!

Defiant statement from Bill O'Reilly:

"I didn't say I felt remorse when I tried to have sex with my subordinates, I said that when I shower with one of them I falafel."

Why dont Egyptian Chefs do well in the circus?

They always fal-afel off the tight rope.

I must have food poisoning...

I tried that new Greek restaurant and I just falafel.

I had Mediterranean food for breakfast

Now I falafel.

Ahmed went to have a Falafel.

He asked the guy making the sandwich not to put any pickles in it. The guy replies "But we're fresh out of pickles! How about no tomatoes instead?"

What did the guy say who ate too much Arab food?

Man, I Falafel!

I had Greek food for lunch today.

Now I falafel.

What did the sick gyro say to the other gyro?

I falafel.

I'm allergic to chickpeas.

Any time I eat them I falafel.

I've eaten too much Greek food...

Now I falafel.

A man was found dead in a vat of falafel condiment.

Police are treating it as a hummuscide.

I ate a bad vegetarian kebab for lunch.

Now I falafel.

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