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What are some Faiths jokes?

A Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian were arguing about their faiths...

The Muslim says that theirs is the true faith. The Buddhist says Nirvana is key, while the Christian of course argues that Jesus is the way.

This went on for hours until finally the Christian says, "let's settle this once and for all. We all jump off a cliff, and whoever's God saves him will we know that theirs is the true faith. " After thinking about it, the other two agreed.

They found a cliff and the Muslim went first. As he jumped, he shouted "Aaaaaaalllllllaaaaaa...." SPLAT!

Both were shocked but not surprised. They said their prayers for the Muslim and continued.

The Buddhist went next and as he jumped he chanted "Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha..." And miraculously, just before hitting the ground, he floated back up to safety.

Giving a smile to the Christian, he gestured to the cliff for his turn.

The Christian was unperturbed. Taking a few minutes to compose himself, he then took his leap of faith:

"Jeeeeeesssssuuuussss.... Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha."

God is in an argument with Jehovah...

about which one of their faiths is the true one.

"That's it, I've had it with this! I am taking the matter to the supreme court." he said

"I'd like to see you try." said Jehovah. "I have witnesses."

Priest and a rabbi in a car accident

A priest and a rabbi have a fender-bender in the middle of an intersection. They get out to survey the damage, and the rabbi turns to the priest and says, "You know, this is a pretty trivial event, all things considered. I've got some Manischewitz in the car -- how about you and I drink to the friendship between our two faiths?" The priest readily agrees, and takes a big swig from the bottle the rabbi offers. Then the rabbi puts the cork back in and tosses the bottle in his car. "Aren't you going to drink your own toast?" the priest asks, puzzled. "Oh," the rabbi responds, "I think I'll wait until after the cops leave."

Two kids of different faiths are walking to school

The Christian kid says "My faith can move mountians!"
The Muslim kid says "My faith can move towers!"

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