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According to all the laws of aviation, it should be impossible for a bee to fly.

This is because no bee has filed a permit with the FAA.

The FAA can register my drone...

...when they pry it from my neighbour's cold dead head.

The FAA has determined that it will never need to ground a Boeing aircraft again.

The planes can clearly ground themselves!

The FAA is reviewing the Boeing 737 Max...

... they might throw it under the Airbus.

FAA study of black boxes found in domestic US, fatal, small airplane crashes shows 98% say "may day"

remaining 2% are pilots from Tennessee who say, "hey good buddy, hold my beer and watch this"

The FAA is reviewing the new Boeing Dreamliner...

it might get thrown under the airbus.

Why did the FAA ban flights to the Soviet Union in the 1940s?

They were afraid of Stalin.

I don't fly at all well.

Says the FAA.

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