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Remember when radical extremists were just kids pulling sick stunts off on their skateboards?


I'm going to make a calendar of sexy Islamic extremists

I will call it, Ji-hotties

Muslim extremists have crashed a speedboat into the Thames barrier in London...

Police think it might be the early start of Ram-a-dam.

Some Muslim extremists just rammed a boat into the Thames Barrier.

Experts believe it's the start of Ramadam.

What do you call a band of Muslim extremists wandering lost in the desert?


Why do Muslim extremists prefer to drink cappuccino?

Because they hate french press.

The British Islamic Association has said there is no longer room for extremists within their mosques...

Although a waiting list has been set up.

I wanted to put an England flag in my garden...

I wanted to put an England flag in my garden but wasn't sure if it would offend muslim extremists.

So I wrote 'Allah is a twat' on it just to make sure.

TIL Muslim extremists do not like pulled pork sandwiches.

whoops, wrong sub.

What's an Alcoholic Islamic extremists worst nightmare?


How do Islamic Extremists dry themselves off?

Terry Towels!

I started observing extremists

Wanted to find out what made them tick... tock... boom

What do you call a group of Eskimo extremists?


We've been misinterpreting the Islamic Extremists...

Allahu Akbar *actually* means **"YOLO"**

Why do right wing extremists hate winter?

Because of all the snowflakes


Apparently MILF are really fighting extremists in the Philipines.

Acronyms are no joke.

Two extremists go to a shop. One tries on a backpack. He says to his friend...

Does my bomb look big in this?

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