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What do you use to extinguish a vagina fire?

A panty hose

**Long** A mathematician, a physicist, and an engineer...

So, these three are in a hotel. The engineer is woken up in the middle of the night by a fire. He grabs an extinguisher, and puts out the fire, then goes back to sleep.

Later, the physicist is woken up for the same reason. He does some quick calculations, and dumps the precise amount of water onto the flames to extinguish them.

Finally, the mathematician is woken by the smell of smoke. He walks over to where the fire had been, and finds embers. He coaxes a fire out of them, then goes back to sleep, knowing he has reduced it to an already solved problem.

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Three Buildings that are next to each other all caught on fire at the same time. The first building has children inside of it, the Second building has About to be extinct animals and the cure too cancer and finally the third building has Old people. The ambulance quickly arrives... which Building would it extinguish the fire from first?

Trick: Say ambulance quickly and watch then think deeply about which building should be put down first and then make them realize that ambulances aren't firetrucks LMAO

Wise old man

A wise old man was crossing a path with a bucket of water and a torch in each of his hands.

His disciples stopped him and asked: do you want to extinguish the fire of hatred with that water and burn the darkness out of peoples hearts with that fire?

He said: no i want to go and take a shit, its dark out there.

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