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God spoke to His angels

He said, "after extensive trials I have figured out a way to rotate a planet so it receives an even distribution of sunlight and evening."

"Wow," said one angel. "What are you going to do now, sir? "

And God said, "Call it a day."

After extensive research I've come to the conclusion that 10 is smaller than 5!

I finally understand factorials!

How do babies keep track of their fathers?

They use an extensive dada-base.

A new study proves that beavers cause extensive flooding

I've read it. The evidence against them is damning.

"Suspect is an elder female with an extensive criminal background..."

"We don't have any leads, but we'll search every crook and nanny until we find her."

s**... burns 300 calories an hour.

After doing some extensive calculations, this year I burned roughly 5 calories.

You all like dinosaurs...right?

What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary?

***A thesaurus***

Extensive joke, You all like dinosaurs...right?

After rounds of extensive life saving operations, I asked my nurse if she'd visit me when I finally get out.

She told me she doesn't like cemeteries.

Some historians were convinced that Jesus's birth place didn't exist

After extensive research they conducted that it Israel

After 4 months without the gym I finally went back and a great weight was lifted off my shoulders

After they removed the weight, the paramedics then took me to the hospital for extensive surgery.

After extensive research, I've concluded that unvaccinated children will have a higher chance of not being on the Autistic Spectrum

Instead, they have a considerable higher chance of being dead...

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A man goes to see his priest about his hearing...

The priest calls on the congregation for an all night extensive prayer session. They pray and sing and ask God to heal the man's hearing. Quite tired from the all night Affair, the priest visits the man the next day. Did our prayers help your hearing he asked? Oh no, the man said the hearing is not until next week.

After extensive research FDA suggests smoking cures


What does it take to be a conductor?

Extensive Training

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

After extensive marketing research the Colonel concluded that the franchise would benefit from better traffic patterns on the other side of the intersection.

(from my grandmother's Reader's Digest circa 1988)

I was just thinking about the great empires...

After extensive research I found the Ottoman Empire was the only one that took its fall sitting down.

Extensive joke, I was just thinking about the great empires...

Took acid for the first time last night

I now have extensive internal chemical burns and tissue damage.

After extensive research, I have finally found out what happened to Hillary Clinton's emails

My uncle is trying to become a locomotive engineer

but he couldn't handle the extensive training

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