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Two jungle explorers got captured by cannibals...

Now they find themselves in a giant cauldron full of water over an open fire. The water is getting warmer and warmer and both of them realize they're done for. So they're sitting there not sure what to do when one of them lets out a chuckle. "how could you laugh at a time like this?" says the other one, "we're both about to die!".

"I know...but I just peed in their soup."

Two explorers are exploring the Arctic

After some walking, they come across an igloo.

The first explorer turns to his colleague and says, An ice house!

The second replies, A nice house, indeed!

How did Staten Island get its name?

A group of explorers discovered it and the near-sighted one asked,

*"Is that an island?"*

and the rest of them agreed that it was a good name for it.

Explorers joke, How did Staten Island get its name?

The story of how Canada got its name.

In the year 1534 there were 3 explorers who discovered a great piece of land. They had no idea what to name it. So they each decided to pick a letter and go from there. The first explorer said "C" eh, the second said "N" eh, and the last said "D" eh. That's how the great Canada was named

Two German explorers

Two German explorers were making their way east across New York when they came to a wide river.

Karl: How vill vee get across dee large body of vater?

The other explorer sees a large, steel object north of them.

Heinrich: Look der es und structure dat vee can use to cross

Karl and Heinrich make their way across and into the land know as upstate New York. Karl gets to the other side but notices that his companion is still behind. Karl also notices that he is continuously poking his finger on the object they just crossed.

Karl: Heinrich, vat are you doing?

Heinrich: I'm Tappan Zee Bridge

Though they couldn't be more different, explorers and couch potatoes have one thing in common.

They're both looking for the remote.

A group of deep-sea explorers died after 100 hours of overworking.

The pressure was too much.

Explorers joke, A group of deep-sea explorers died after 100 hours of overworking.

How Canada was named

In the year 1534, there were 3 explorers who discovered a great piece of land. They had no idea what to name it. So they each decided to pick a letter out of a hat, and go from there.

The first explorer picked the letter C.

"C, eh?" He said

The second picked the letter N.

"N, eh?" He said.

Finally, the third explorer went. He picked D

"D, eh?" He said

Two explorers were delving into the forest when one of them spot a group of native indigenous people.

- let's go talk to them!
- First, we have to check if they're friends or foes?
- Of course, they're friends! They came together.

English food and English women

the two factors that made the greatest naval explorers the world has ever seen

Why do tech-savvy Mexicans and Filipinos insist on using Firefox?

They had a terrible experience with Internet *Explorers*.

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Whether we prefer Yahoo, or Chrome, or Firefox, and on...

Aren't we all just Internet Explorers?

Beauty and charm of British women

Beauty and charm of British women made the best sailors, explorers and adventurers from British men.

Two explorers are surrounded by cannibals

The first explorer makes a run for it, but is quickly caught. The second calmly starts doing the old "trapped in a glass box" routine while his comrade watches on, bewildered. Visibly disgusted, the cannibals wave him away.

Just before they lead their captive off to the slaughter, he asks the second explorer why they spared him. "A mime is a terrible thing to taste."

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