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So Toys-R-Us has begun to expand into inner city areas.

But they've had to change the name to We-B-Toys.

So the local Spandex store just closed

The local spandex store closed down...

... I guess they couldn't expand

After learning physics I finally got it

You know how when things heat up, they expand?

That means I'm not fat, I'm hot.

Expand joke, After learning physics I finally got it

It is a proven Scientific fact, that things expand when under immense heat...

I'm not fat, I'm really hot

Do you want to see my skeleton collection?

I currently only have 1, and I'm not looking to expand.

A dyslexic pimp wanted to make an investment to expand his venture

He ended up buying a warehouse.

How do you expand recycling to other places?

Create a discord server.

Expand joke, How do you expand recycling to other places?

Terrorists have been saying they'll horizontally expand images of their foes.

The threat is being blown out of proportion.

Do you want to find out how to make an idiot busy? Expand this post

Do you want to find out how to make an idiot busy? Read the title

My dad wanted to expand his bar to access more customers

I advised him to make it a gay bar and flip the stools upside down. that way the seating is quadrupled.

Why does the universe expand?.... All the Milky Ways.

You get it.

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I finally get it!

You know when things heat, they expand

I'm not fat, I'm hot!

When I was a kid, in the second grade, my parents began teaching me to expand my vocabulary so I didn't sound "dumb"

Nowadays parents only have show their children memes of Donald Trump

My brother is allergic to the word 'cheese'. If you say it he would swell and expand like a balloon.

We have some very weird family photos.

What jokes do you tell when someone asks a group of people "so does anyone know any good jokes?"

Not making a joke, just would like to expand my repertoire for the next time I'm in this situation.

To expand their business, CNN and NBC build airports.

As usual, a lot of things fly over their heads.

Expand joke, To expand their business, CNN and NBC build airports.

Never put women on a pedestal.

The increased height will expand their field of vision and they might see dudes more buff than you.

Only a matter of time

A science teacher was teaching her class about the sun. In 5 billion years, she said, our sun is going to expand and become a red giant, and all life on earth will die out from the intense heat. All of a sudden a little boy starts crying. What's wrong? she asked, It's not for another five billion years!

Oh, replied the boy, wiping the tears from his eyes, I thought you said million.

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