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I won't believe corporations are people

Until Texas executes one.


A Russian Joke.

Stalin is giving a speech when he hears someone sneeze. He stops mid-sentence and asks the first row, "who sneezed?"

Nobody answers.

Stalin executes the first row. Now, everyone is getting nervous.

Stalin addresses the second row. "Who sneezed?" he asks, becoming visibly upset.

Still, nobody answers. Everyone is much too scared to reply.

Stalin executes the second row.

"Who sneezed!?" Stalin booms. He is angry now.

Finally, after many moments of silence, a young and timid Russian soldier raises his hand. Stalin turns to the soldier and says,

"Bless you."


So a shark and his son are going to get some food....

They look for a vessel in distress, and when they finally find one, the father says to the son, "I'm going to teach you how to catch your first human. First, you raise your dorsal fin slightly out of the water. Second, you raise all of your fins out of the water, and start circling around them. Finally, you go in and eat them."

The father and son swim over to the vessel, and the son executes the meal with ease. The father is impressed with his son, and commends him on his excellent performance. But the son is troubled and asks, "Why do we raise our fins out of the water and circle around them? Wouldn't it just be easier to go in and eat them?"

The father replies, "They taste better without shit in them."


Obi-Wan captured a Sith and bring him to Yoda.

Obi-Wan: Should I kill the Sith or let him go?

Yoda: Kill him...

\*Obi-Wan executes the Sith.\*

Yoda: ...you must not.


Do you know why Kim Jong Un executes everyone he doesn't like?

Because he doesn't have a Seoul.


What do you call someone who executes a 76 year old British singer with an OBE?

I'll tell you in a few days


main difference between /news/ mods and north korea?

one side executes people for no reasons and puts people in detentions camps, the other one is a country.


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